Greek life promotes positivity 1

Illustration By Samantha Mackie

Tina NalepaContributing Writer

Sororities and fraternities would be a positive addition to the Lasell community. Greek life promotes friendship, academics, leadership, community service, and career networking. Greek life on the campus would keep students at Lasell during the weekends and give back to the Lasell community, New­ton community, and the Greater Boston area. More…

The man behind the mic Reply

Brandon ChaseManaging Editor

There are many reasons I don’t want to graduate from Lasell yet. I feel comfort­able in my surroundings and all my friends are here. However, one of the reasons is because I have the best job on campus as one of the two public address announcers for the Athletic Department. More…

Servicing students for career success Reply

Kelly Buckley (L) and Sallyann Kakas (R), career counselors at the Office of Career Services, provide students with resume, portfolio, networking, and interview help. Photo By Michelle Burke

Michelle BurkeCopy Editor

The Office of Career Services is avail­able to help prepare students for any job or internship. The office, located on the second floor in Edwards Student Center, is open by appointment and select drop-in hours every weekday. Career counselors, Sallyann Kakas and Kelly Buckley, are en­couraging all students to utilize the office to its full advantage. More…

Women spark interest in joining rugby club 1

Mike Skelton 1851 Staff

As the men’s rugby club continues to grow exponentially, there is now an inter­est in starting a women’s rugby club on campus as well.

During Fall Fest, there was a great amount of interest among female students in starting a rugby club. The female stu­dents have since had two meetings with representatives from the men’s rugby club about starting their own club. More…

The Local offers tasty plates at reasonable prices Reply

The Local restaurant, located in West Newton near the Lasell shuttle stop, offers a great menu with many plates at affordable prices. The menu includes items such as steak tips, a variety of pizzas, clam chowder, and chicken wings. The food is prepared with local ingredients and served in a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere. Photo By Ariana St. Pierre

Ariana St. PierreArts Editor

The Local of West Newton offers deli­cious food at relatively affordable prices. It is a great place to enjoy cocktails, food, and the company of friends and family. It is located convenient­ly off Washington Street, about a five-minute drive from campus. More…

Students return to Ecuador for Winter break Reply

The 2012 “Shoulder-to-Shoulder” group, learns to farm in a sustainable way. Photo Courtesy of the Center for Community-Based Learning

Caitlin Fitzgerald1851 Staff

While most Lasell students will re­lax at home during winter break, 11 will travel to Ecuador for one week – but not for a vacation. Instead these students are donating their time to help out the Ecua­dorian community. They will represent Lasell and the “Shoulder-to-Shoulder” pro­gram by working with community experts to help improve the environment. Leading them will be Aaron Toffler, a professor of environmental studies and co-leader Amy Greene, assistant director of the Center for Community-Based Learning. More…

Joanna Burns shares musical talent and voice on stage Reply

Joanna Burns, a piano pop singer/songwriter, took her talents to Lasell for a performance at the Arnow Campus Center. Burns, who released her third album, “The Green Year,” in May of 2011, stood out from the crowd with her
musical talents and soulful singing voice. Photo By Carissa Woolf

Carissa Woolf1851 Staff

Sweet, soulful, and sassy are three words that describe Joanna Burns. The 28-year-old singer/songwriter from New Jersey visited campus to share her mu­sic, stories, and sound with the community. She gave a concert in the Campus Center to an enthusi­astic crowd of students. More…

Hendrickson entertains Campus Center crowd Reply

Comedian Andy Hendrickson performs at the Arnow Campus Center. Hendrickson brought laughter and fun with his performance.Photo By Morgan Brittney Austin

Morgan Brittney Austin1851 Staff

Comedian Andy Hendrickson came from New York to entertain an audience of about 30 students on November 9 at the Ar­now Campus Center. More…