Alum competes on Project Runway Reply

Williams, third from right, with the other contestants from this season of Project Runway.    Photo courtesy of

By Natalie KfouryCo-Editor-In-Chief

Five years after graduating from La­sell, Sonjia Williams is making a name for herself in the fashion world. Williams, a member of the class of 2007, is a contes­tant on the current season of Project Runway and is mak­ing a strong impact on the show. But before she took her talents to TV, Williams had a memorable presence at Lasell. More…

Dining hall renovations unveiled Reply

The new, renovated, and improved Valentine Dining Hall went through a summer of changes including new serving stations, dining options, furniture, and light fixtures. Photo By Kristina Kaufmann

By Brandon Chase – Managing editor

After more than a year of planning, waiting and construction, the newly-renovated Valentine Dining Hall opened its doors to all students for the first time on Sept. 3.

The new design is quite a departure from the old cafeteria, with amenities such as a fireplace at the main entrance, updated furniture and a new “sports grille” in the 1851 room which is home to 11 new flat screen TVs. More…

Men’s soccer hopes to make run in GNAC Reply

Members of Lasell’s men’s soccer team huddle around head
coach Givanni Pacini during a recent practice. Photo Brandon Chase

By Zac VierraCo-Editor-In-Chief

Last year marked the 11th consecutive winning season for the Lasell men’s soccer team as the squad finished the season 9-6-3.

But for head coach Giovanni Pacini, who started the soccer program 15 years ago, the 2011 campaign was below average for Lasell standards. More…

Lady Lasers begin fall season 1

Above, Molly Fitzgerald handles the ball in a women’s soccer game earlier this month against Becker. Photo By Brandon Chase

By Zach GraySports Editor

With the start of the fall semester comes the start of women’s athletics here at Lasell. Af­ter winning back-to-back GNAC titles, the Lasell women’s soccer team looks to capture its third straight conference title. Ranked number one in the GNAC coaches’ preseason poll, the Lasers have a lot on their plate this upcoming season. More…

New beginnings in D.C. Reply

Lasell junior Casey O’Brien at the World War II Monument in Washington D.C. O’Brien is spending the fall semester at American University for the Washington Semester Program.Photo courtesy of Casey O’Brien

By Casey O’BrienWashington Correspondent

There I was, standing alone in my new dorm room, fighting back tears as my mother got in her car and left. We had done this two years in a row already, I was used to it now- why was I crying? Because this was new, I was alone in my room, I didn’t know anyone, and I really didn’t want to have lunch by myself.

Fast forward two weeks later, it’s like that episode never happened, and I’m exploring Washington D.C. with my new friends. More…

Love at first sight Reply

By Zach GraySports Editor

This summer has been full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and uncertainty, all involving one relationship. Well, the uncertainty really began a year ago in Sep­tember. Everything sort of went downhill, as my expectations were too high. Perhaps it’d be easier to explain this relationship from the beginning.

From the moment I laid eyes on her, I was in love. Though I was young and she was much older, something about her ap­pealed to me. It could have been her looks, maybe her athleticism, or even her ambi­tions. Whatever it was, an inseparable bond formed between us. More…

Editor’s Corner: Join the club Reply

By Zac VierraCo-Editor-In-Chief

I will never forget what my seventh grade teacher wrote in my yearbook at the end of the year. “One day you will be writ­ing in the paper.”

Looks like she was right. Here I am. And I couldn’t choose a better paper to be writing for. More…

Freshmen succeed by focusing on future 2

By Brandon ChaseManaging Editor

Emotions can run wild for freshmen in their first semester of college. During the course of those first 14 weeks, some will embrace their new environment with excitement, fueled by the free­dom of being away from home for the first time. Others might be afraid to adapt to changing sur­roundings. But whatever attitude first-years may have toward starting college, the key to success over the next four years is to focus on the future.

Graduation might seem like a long way away for the class of 2016, but it’s the ultimate goal of the college experience. And even though every student will face challenges before walking across the stage with their diploma, many freshmen confuse diffi­culties with what are mere inconveniences. More…