Skype takes students inside JFK assassination

Casey O’Brien – News Editor

On February 7, the Justice Studies depart­ment held a Skype session in Rosen Audito­rium with Clint Hill, a former Secret Service agent who was present at the assassination of President John Kennedy. In a packed room, Hill, who served on the Secret Service from Presidents Eisenhower to Ford, recounted his experiences from the fateful day. Continue reading “Skype takes students inside JFK assassination”

The 1851 Chronicle is a voice for the student body


Kristina Kaufmann – Photo Editor

The last thing a student journal­ist wants to do when voicing an opinion is sugarcoat it. It is the job of The 1851 Chronicle staff to deliver news to the student body truthfully, while practicing objectivity. As Lasell’s student newspa­per, The 1851 Chronicle uses the power of student voices to provoke change and improvements at the college. Sometimes what we write praises a person or event on campus. Other times it is critical of a current situation. Continue reading “The 1851 Chronicle is a voice for the student body”

Tapingo app saves time

Zachary Gray – Sports Editor

Part of being a college student is the weekends and late nights with homework, friends, and, most importantly, food. While there might not be a definite schedule for the nights and weekends, wasting time is not an option. This is especially true when it comes to hunger. Thankfully, the Campus Center and Boomer’s now al­low students to order their food ahead of time, avoiding lines and waits. Continue reading “Tapingo app saves time”

MSU celebrated Black History Month

Danielle Rita – 1851 Staff

Lasell’s Multicultural Student Union club (MSU) honored Black History Month by devis­ing an interactive panel to discuss the signifi­cance of black history along with contempo­rary racial concerns. The panel was held on February 7 in Rosen Auditorium, and partici­pants included a small, diverse group. Jennifer Drew, professor of Sociology and Justice Stud­ies, moderated the event. Continue reading “MSU celebrated Black History Month”

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