Vision 2017 sees new athletic center in the future

“Vision 2017” includes plans for a new athletic center. One possible location for the new athletic center would be across the street from the Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center (see above). To start the project, Lasell will need 1-3 lead donors of at least $5-15 million.Digital rendering courtesy of the Office of President Alexander

Zach GraySports Editor

“Vision 2017”, Lasell’s strategic plan for improvement and renovation of the campus, includes a multi-million dollar athletic cen­ter. Although the plans are not set and the location has yet to be determined, ideas for the new athletic center continue to grow. Continue reading “Vision 2017 sees new athletic center in the future”

Midnight party at the White House

Casey O’BrienWashington Correspondent

Now the election is over and you’re ei­ther feeling ecstatic or upset with the way things turned out. I was nervous for the out­come because it was projected to be so close. My favorite part of the election wasn’t the de­bates, the campaign ads, or even the things I learned about. It was my ability to vote, and the experience I had on Election Night. Continue reading “Midnight party at the White House”

Greek life promotes positivity

Illustration By Samantha Mackie

Tina NalepaContributing Writer

Sororities and fraternities would be a positive addition to the Lasell community. Greek life promotes friendship, academics, leadership, community service, and career networking. Greek life on the campus would keep students at Lasell during the weekends and give back to the Lasell community, New­ton community, and the Greater Boston area. Continue reading “Greek life promotes positivity”

Servicing students for career success

Kelly Buckley (L) and Sallyann Kakas (R), career counselors at the Office of Career Services, provide students with resume, portfolio, networking, and interview help. Photo By Michelle Burke

Michelle BurkeCopy Editor

The Office of Career Services is avail­able to help prepare students for any job or internship. The office, located on the second floor in Edwards Student Center, is open by appointment and select drop-in hours every weekday. Career counselors, Sallyann Kakas and Kelly Buckley, are en­couraging all students to utilize the office to its full advantage. Continue reading “Servicing students for career success”

Women spark interest in joining rugby club

Mike Skelton 1851 Staff

As the men’s rugby club continues to grow exponentially, there is now an inter­est in starting a women’s rugby club on campus as well.

During Fall Fest, there was a great amount of interest among female students in starting a rugby club. The female stu­dents have since had two meetings with representatives from the men’s rugby club about starting their own club. Continue reading “Women spark interest in joining rugby club”

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