Before COVID-19, ASB Leaders were ready to travel Reply

By Taylor Viles1851 Staff

Every year, around 35 lucky members of the Lasell community are chosen to participate in Alternative Spring Break (ASB), a program that lets students give back to different communities around the country. “I feel like community service as a whole…is both a selfish and selfless act, to give up your time to volunteer or give back to those in need,” said junior ASB Leader Jasmine Williams. “It’s just an experience for you to learn more about yourself, to humble yourself and also just to meet people that you would not normally meet.”


185-whatever! Reply

By Emily LongDigital Editor

If you were to ask any college student in America what year their college was founded, they might have to think for a second. For some, they might not even know. If you asked any Lasell University student what year their college was founded, the answer might just fly out of their mouth, “1851!”


Lasers Rock IBS NYC 2020 Reply

By Claire Crittendon – Features Editor


From L-R, Victoria Spellman, Kathleen McHale, Nora Ortegas, Robby Rowe, Allie Clancy, Taylor Viles, Matt Berentsen, and Elliette Barrows pictured at the IBS NYC conference. Photo courtesy of Taylor Viles. 

From March 6-8, eight select members of WLAS and Lasell Community Television (LCTV) and advisor of both clubs, Dr. Brian Wardya, attended the Intercollegiate Broadcast System (IBS) 2020 conference held in New York City.


Dear Administration: Consider all backgrounds Reply

The 1851 Chronicle Editorial Board

Dear administration,

As surrounding Boston-area schools begin to close due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Lasell community has started to talk. In just a short walk to class, you overhear an abundance of conversations regarding this issue. “Are we closing?” “Will we be able to come back after spring break?” “How will I finish my classes online?” While we do worry for our health and the others’ around us, we also worry what the remainder of the semester will look like. We hope to have a different outcome than the rest. 

Consider the international student from China who can’t travel home because they worry they won’t be let back in America.

Consider the student who calls campus home because they don’t have a supportive or safe home life, or a place to go “home” to in the first place.

Consider the student who doesn’t have access to the internet to complete their spring semester courses.

Consider the fashion design and production majors who require Donahue’s facilities, STEM students who need access to labs, and all students who need Adobe programs to complete their required coursework. 

Consider the student who uses Lasell’s Counseling Center for its free mental health resources. 

Consider the student who uses the Academic Achievement Center to succeed in classes. 

Consider the students who rely on their work-study jobs or prescriptions from the health and counseling centers. 

Consider the student whose only access to affordable healthcare is through student insurance.

Consider students in the middle of Boston-based internships and off-campus jobs.

Consider the student who is solely reliant on their meal plan.

How will they be supported? Consider how closing campus will affect the student body collectively and individually. To many, Lasell is more than a school, it’s home and a stable environment. 

We write this for the students who need to be heard. These are just a few of many students whose semesters will be negatively impacted if we follow the lead of Harvard, Babson, MIT, Suffolk, etc. 

On top of the worry around midterms, we worry if these are our last moments on campus of spring 2020. As for the Class of 2020, will their time be cut short? Will they be able to experience torchlight? Graduation? While we are worried for our health and the health of those residing in Lasell Village, we’re also worried what this means for our spring semester. 

We know the administration cares and thinks about students. We wanted to use our voice and student journalism platform to make sure our needs were expressed. 


The 1851 Chronicle editorial staff

Graduate Assistant Ben Lane Reviving Lasell’s Intramurals Reply

By Sean Chase1851 Staff


Ben Lane hosts weekly Game Night events at the top of the Arnow Campus Center on Wednesday nights. The games featured include corn hole, ping pong, free pool, and more. Photo by Sean Chase.

Recent graduate, Benjamin Lane (‘19), is flourishing in his graduate assistant role, bringing life back to Lasell’s intramural and recreational opportunities.


Coaches Corner Reply

By Kaie Quigley1851 Staff


Sarah Woodside prepares for her first season as the head coach of the softball team. Photo courtesy of Matara Tamzarian.

Sarah Woodside is the new head softball coach at Lasell University. Woodside was a graduate of Lasell in 2007 and played outfield for the Lasers while obtaining a degree in Psychology. She coached at Wayland High school for five years prior to her hire at Lasell this summer.