Pat’s party playlist

By Pat Carbone – 1851 Contributor

Graphic by Pat Carbone

Now I understand that many of you might not like these songs in general or don’t consider them party songs. But that’s why the playlist title is “Pat’s Party Playlist” and not “Your Party Playlist.” Listed below is a quick list of some of my favorite party songs. If you enjoy the playlist, or at least a few of the songs featured, find the playlist on Spotify here

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Fashion Focus: Meet Sydney Pesaturo

By Kaie Quigley & Taylor VilesCo-Editor-in-Chief & Sports Editor

All photos courtesy of Sydney Pesaturo

Following the graduation of Creative Director Emma Ingenohl (‘21) in December, POLISHED Magazine spent little time in naming her replacement. 

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Griff’s Style Corner: Fabrics blooming this Spring

By Griffin Bryan 1851 Contributor

Graphic by Griffin Bryan

As spring rolls around and we begin unpacking our warm-weather clothes, we are often frightened to find a plethora of outdated garments hiding under our bed. It is essential to update our wardrobes if we hope to stay in fashion through the change in temperature. A terrific way to curate a unique style is by adding new fabrics to your collection. Here are four trending textiles that are sure to get you ready for the season.

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Combatting full speed burnout

By Bailey Klingaman & Mike MarukDigital Editor & Art Director

Outside Mott Counseling Center, which is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Photo by Mike Maruk

Ushering in a new semester can be an exciting and motivating time. However, this excitement can be diminished by the lack of motivation students experience in their first few weeks back to class. Whether it is from a busy schedule, the effects of prolonged COVID-19 isolation or any other factors, the Director of the Counseling Center Sharon Harrington-Hope says cases of burnout are not uncommon. 

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A classic comes screaming back to theaters

By Casey DiBari – 1851 Contributor

On January 14, the anticipated newest installment to Wes Craven’s Scream franchise hit theaters with the fifth film, simply named “Scream”. This movie marks the first film to not be directed by Craven, following his death in 2015. The film was instead directed by the Radio Silence team Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, who previously directed 2019’s “Ready or Not”. However, franchise stars Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette, as well as some other familiar faces and voices return to the franchise.

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32 minutes after three years

By Rachel Shepard – Copy Editor

Graphic by Rachel Shepard

Mitski has had a love affair with music, and her fans have been put through the wringer. After taking a hiatus from music in 2019, she released her newest album “Laurel Hell” on February 4, and it was only 32 minutes in length. According to Mitski, this is the longest she has spent working on an album and has been working on various songs since 2018.

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