Veggie Galaxy is out of this world Reply

Krista DeJulio – Features Editor

Veggie Galaxy, nestled in the heart of Cambridge surrounded by thrift shops, records stores and other small cafes stands out among the crowd for being a homey, throwback diner serving strictly vegetarian and vegan options. Inside the restaurant is also a bakery that serves 100 percent vegan baked goods.

Like any good diner, breakfast is served all day with tofu and tempeh as replacements for sausage and bacon. The menu offers substitutes of tofu and tempeh for meat dishes in Reuben, melts, BLTs, black bean burgers and mushroom burgers. The bakery located inside offers numer- ous unique cheesecakes, muffins and pies made fresh daily including daily specials.


Popular off-campus eateries Reply

Domino's and Dragon Chef are two poplar off-campus dining choices. (Photo by Lindsay Tavarozzi_)

Domino’s and Dragon Chef are two poplar off-campus dining choices. (Photo by Lindsay Tavarozzi)

Lindsay Tavarozzi  1851 Staff

Dining hall food can be great, but some- times ordering takeout is exactly what a stu- dent needs. Whether it’s Chinese food, deli, or Italian, the possibilities are unlimited. Newton offers a variety of places within prox- imity to the Lasell campus, most of them without a delivery charge.

Lily’s Kitchen

Chinese food is a common option for college students. Moise Michel, a senior said he prefers Lily’s Kitchen’s Chinese food. “I like to switch things up often, but somehow I always end up getting Chinese and Lily’s is my favorite,” said Michel. Lily’s Kitchen is located in Waltham, MA and serves traditional Chinese dishes.

3.5 out of 5 stars More…

Karen O surprises on new solo album Reply

Karen O, the front-woman of alternative band The Yeah Yeah Yeahs recently released her first solo album “Crush Songs,” comprised of home recordings. (Photo courtesy of

Karen O, the front-woman of alternative band The Yeah Yeah Yeahs recently released her first solo album “Crush Songs,” comprised of home recordings. (Photo courtesy of

Krista DeJulio – Arts Editor

Karen O recently released her first solo album this past month on Cult Records, a different record label than the past four labels with her band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Her album, “Crush Songs,” is comprised of home recordings from 2006 and 2007 that had never been released until now. The collection of songs uses lo- fi, short for low fidelity, which is when the artist makes the recorded quality sound scratchy and flawed on purpose, giving it a unique sound. More…

Boston Calling succeeds despite setbacks Reply


Natalie Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

The fourth Boston Calling Music Festival was held September 5-7 in City Hall Plaza. The festival holds two events each year in May and September. This Boston Calling featured: The National, Neutral Milk Hotel, Lorde, Childish Gambino, The Replacements, and Nas x The Roots, among other artists. More…

Ron Swanson knows all Reply

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Natalie Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Nick Offerman is best known as Ron Swanson, the mustache-adorned, scotch-drinking woodsman, grumpy-yet-hilarious character he plays on NBC. Yet, Offerman is more than meets the eye. The actor is an avid woodworker, and as proven in “Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man’s Fundamental’s for Delicious Living,” a fantastic writer. “Paddle Your Own Canoe” is part philosophical, part hilarious memoir of the actor’s experiences and conclusions on life. Overall, it’s a fantastic read and you should really pick it up.  More…

Top picks: 5 flicks for summer 260

Ariana St. Pierre – Arts Editor


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X-Men: Days of Future Past (May 22)

Lovers of all things X-Men can rejoice in the latest installment of the series directed by Brian Singer. Singer has vowed to return the X-Men flicks to their former glory before Brett Ratner, director of The Last Stand, got his hands on it. The cast is packed with stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, and of course Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. In fact, the whole concept of the film is that Wolverine is sent back in time to change history and prevent impending doom for both humans and mutants a like. It should be action packed and fantastic to watch for fans and casual viewers alike.  More…

Season three of “GIRLS” was strongest Reply


The cast of "GIRLS." Photo courtesy of

The cast of “GIRLS.” Photo courtesy of

Allison Nekola – Copy Editor

Season three of “GIRLS” eliminates the standard for 20-somethings living luxuriously with perfect hair, skin, and wardrobes. Half of the characters are still unemployed or unhappy with their current professions. They’re still filled with self-doubt, self-pity, and an innocent belief that the destiny they dreamt of as children will be fulfilled. Jaws dropped; toes curled. That’s the realness of “GIRLS.”  More…