A knee used for vanquish Reply

By Ruth Kehinde- Digital Editor

Protestors pushing against the knee of former officer, Derek Chauvin, implanting their role in providing justice for George Floyd. With permission of Illustrator Andrew Dat Tran.

There have been many occurrences of police brutality in the United States of America, having the outlook of justice seem as if it has ceased to exist. Police brutality is being exposed more and more over the past couple years, with the influx of people recording these actions. This act was witnessed yet again with a 46-year-old black man named George Floyd, who was murdered after police were called for an act of alleged forgery in a store called Cup Foods in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25. 


College students throughout New England disrupted by COVID-19 pandemic Reply

They reflect on how it was handled, how it affected them, and what’s to come.

By: Nicole Yeager & Essie Plouffe – 1851 Contributors

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The spring semester is always a busy, stressful, but exciting time on college campuses. March brings warmer weather, spring sports season openers, and for seniors, commencement seems like it’s looming right around the corner.


Senior class honored with Tribute for 2020 initiative Reply

By: Katie PetersArts Editor


Senior Massimo Cugno drops off materials for senior Krista Roman to make protective masks that will be donated to healthcare workers. Photo Courtesy of The Donahue Institute.


For the class of 2020, what was supposed to be a spring semester full of counting down days to graduation and getting ready to step into the next phase of their life, has turned into quarantine and online classes. Despite this disappointment, the Lasell community has stepped up to honor the senior class with the new initiative, Tribute for 2020. More…

Studio Road’s artistic history Reply

By Katie PetersArts Editor

When Jim and Kathleen Muller decided to move back to the Boston area from Kentucky, they did not expect to find a piece of history nestled in their home. The unassuming yellow house that sits halfway up Studio Road drew Kathleen in with its beautiful studio, complete with 18-foot high ceilings and huge windows. The two purchased the home in the fall of 1999 and were informed it may have been home to an artist, but much of the information was unknown to them at the time.

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Campus events shift due to COVID-19 Reply

By Katie PetersArts Editor


Cailin Flannery’s (’19) Senior Collection, modeled by undergraduate students during the annual Senior Collections Show in DeWitt last spring. Photo by Avery Stankus.

A slew of events and ceremonies have been postponed or canceled due to COVID-19 to practice social distancing and ensure the health of the Lasell community. However, there are still things to look forward to virtually during this pandemic, and in-person after it subsides. Student organizations, faculty and administrators have been working and making alterations to events such as Commencement, the Senior Collections fashion show, Relay for Life and more.


1851 Market closures Reply

By Micheal Maruk & Casey DiBari – 1851 Staff & Opinion Editor

In recent months, Lasell has seen the 1851 Market close many times for a number of reasons. There have been various problems with the scanner, issues with the POS system, and thievery. Chartwells, the company that manages the market, is always happy to see the market being utilized. However, the part they don’t like to see is when people are taking advantage of the problems that occur with the system and stealing, causing financial loss within the market. More…

Professor Golden’s discusses the evolution of marriage Reply

Holly Feola & Bailey Klingman – News Editor & 1851 Staff

On Feb. 13, Boston 25 News interviewed Associate Professor of Psychology Sarabeth Golden for a segment about the evolution of the value of marriage. The interview was conducted by Bob Dumas, Hybrid Special Projects Producer at WFXT Boston 25 News, in the Hamel House admission office. More…

Before COVID-19, ASB Leaders were ready to travel Reply

Taylor Viles1851 Staff

Every year, around 35 lucky members of the Lasell community are chosen to participate in Alternative Spring Break (ASB), a program that lets students give back to different communities around the country. “I feel like community service as a whole…is both a selfish and selfless act, to give up your time to volunteer or give back to those in need,” said junior ASB Leader Jasmine Williams. “It’s just an experience for you to learn more about yourself, to humble yourself and also just to meet people that you would not normally meet.” More…