Studying in South Africa embodies growth Reply

By Megan Palumbo – International Correspondent


Junior Megan Palumbo has spent time hiking mountain trails, including Jonkershoek Nature Reserve, while studying abroad in South Africa. Photo by Megan Palumbo.

When I decided I was studying abroad in South Africa I got questions like, “Why did you choose this random country?” “Why wouldn’t you go to Italy?” “Don’t you think it’s unsafe to go to South Africa because you’re a girl?” “Are you going to come back with Ebola?”. I felt like each question got more and more ridiculous, but regardless I received so much support and love before I embarked on this crazy adventure.


Changing of the seasons: a fall Boston to-do guide Reply

By Leanne Signoriello and Brian CohenFeatures Editor and 1851 Staff 


Coolidge Corner Theatre is located at 290 Harvard Street in Brookline. Photo by Leanne Signoriello

As the seasons change from summer to fall, so do the activities in the Boston area. Beach trips turn into haunted house visits and pumpkins start growing. There is always something to do in Boston, while also enjoying New England’s most picturesque season.


Further success for “Fashion and Satire” exhibit Reply

By Leanne Signoriello & Paris Adams Features Editor and 1851 Staff


Photo courtesy of Jill Carey

Upon passing under the inviting red awning of The Society of Illustrators, gallery goers are drawn in by the prominent fashion on display, and the comical illustrations that accompany them. Through the unique descriptions of each piece, attendees are given an insight into how artists Orson Byron Lowell and Charles Dana Gibson viewed the lifestyle of the American elite in the 20th century. More…

DJ’ing as passion Reply

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 2.04.20 AM copy

Photo courtesy of Spencer Grey 

Senior Spencer Grey takes the hobby of making playlists and discovering new music to a higher level. He’s been DJing for Lasell College Radio all four years and has made appearances at every Activities Fair and Marathon Monday party.  More…

Health initiative positively affects mental health 1

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor 

When members of the Lasell community were introduced to the Lasell Health Initiative last fall, thoughts of staying active with exercise classes may have ran through their heads. In a more broad sense, the initiative could be thought about as living a healthier lifestyle and taking care of their bodies physically. The Health Initiative is much more than improving fitness. These exercise classes can also be looked at to improve mental health, especially for college students.  More…

Design professor brings decades of art experience 2

By Michael Bueno – Junior Art Director

When Professor Stephen Fischer announced at his fifth grade Catholic school assembly that he wanted to become an artist and not a priest, everyone broke into laughter.  Now, Fischer, Associate Professor of Graphic Design and faculty advisor for both Polished Magazine and Tarnished Magazine, is one of Lasell’s most talented artists, having had his work on display inside the Yamawaki Art & Cultural Center.


Professor Stephen Fischer is the faculty advisor for both Polished Magazine and Tarnished Magazine. He is pictured above at his gallery in Yamawaki in September. Photo by Michael Bueno.