Flex classes: a mid-year review of online learning

By Audrey Abbate, Angela Hayes & Emma Ingenohl – 1851 Contributors

At Lasell, a major new adoption is the flex class format. Flex classes are made up of resident, commuter, and remote students with resident and commuter students coming to class in-person, while their remote peers join via Zoom. This new class format is to promote equity in the learning environment and to cater to both students and professors who were given the option to remain at home last semester and this one alike. 

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Student Government Association revises

By Noor Lobad – 1851 Staff

Photo of the Student Government Association office located in the Arnow Campus

Photo by Katie Peters.

Since the start of COVID-19 in March, Student Government Association (SGA) has risen to the task of quickly adapting to the “new normal,” while still upholding tradition as it fulfills its purpose of wholly representing the school’s student body. They have done so while working toward making necessary adjustments during the semester.

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Lasell Zooms in on mental, emotional health

By Emma Ingenohl – 1851 Staff

Yoga participants showing their CoVerified apps before the start of practice on Monday,
November 16.

Photo by Emma Ingenohl.

It is more important now than ever to be mentally, emotionally and physically well and keep tabs on overall well-being. Being Well @ Lasell is a new program created by the counseling center that features events and activities surrounding well-being. 

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Admission Office updates virtual tours

By Rebecca Osowski 1851 Staff

The Arnow Campus Center featured in the virtual walking tour.
Photo by Rebecca Osowski.

As COVID-19’s effect has continued through the summer, high schoolers have been missing out on campus tours. Since this is an important step for students in choosing where to pursue their higher education, the Admission and Marketing teams decided it was time to add thorough, virtual tours to the website to give students the opportunity to see campus without stepping on it.

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Shuttle stories: Meet Pierre Verand

By Claire Crittendon & Kyla Dodge-Goshea – Editor-in-chief & 1851 Staff

Pierre Verand, the morning driver, driving the shuttle.
Photo by Kyla Dodge-Goshea.

Whether you’re getting on at Riverside after a day spent in Boston or you’re catching a ride to the Natick mall on the weekend, it’s fair to say most all members of the Lasell community have hopped on the shuttle at least once.

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