Exploration conquers fear

By Alex Balletto – Copy Editor

Sarah Driscoll in her International Services office. Photo by Alex Balletto

Sarah Driscoll, Director of International Services, talks traveling during uncertain times and the International Services Department. The department deals with domestic students who want to spend a semester in a different country and with F1 international students studying in the US on a visa.

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The man who helps all voices be heard

By Irish Noel – 1851 Staff

Picture of Jesse Tauriac, second from left, speaking at the most recent Diversity and Inclusion Committee meeting. Photo by Irish Noel.

Jesse Tauriac is a Psychology Professor, Director of the Donahue Institute, as well as Lasell’s very own Diversity and Inclusion Officer. In addition to these roles, he is focused on social justice issues as well as helping Lasell students find their voices when it comes to fighting for the change that they strive to see.

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Let’s get Phallic!

By Irish Noel – 1851 Staff

Sharyn Lowenstein holds up a “peace” hand gesture while sitting in her office. Photo by Irish Noel.

For 16 years Sharyn Lowenstein has been advocating and bringing attention to social justice movements, gender issues, and the LGBT community on campus. She continues to do so by inviting the group known as Phallacies to the school.

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Freshman Megan Stella competes in Irish dancing worldwide

By Shannon Hart – Contributing Writer

Placing 14th at the World Irish Dancing Championships in Glasgow, Scotland, freshman Megan Stella has been dancing for 15 years and reaching for her goals ever since she started. Stella has qualified and will compete at the World Championships this coming April in Dublin, Ireland for McInerney School of Irish Dance.

Freshman Megan Stella has been competing globally in Irish dancing for most of her life. She studies athletic training and is a member of the women’s track and field & cross country teams. 

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