Sophomore Alternative Semester: a realistic break Reply

By Megan Palumbo & Kaley Chamberlain – Sports Editor & 1851 Staff

Lasell understands the cost of a college education is on the rise, which is why faculty members and President Michael Alexander have been working together to find smarter alternatives to financing an education. This past fall was the first time Lasell offered the Sophomore Alternative Semester (SAS) for incoming sophomores. Seven students were enrolled in the program, five of whom live in-state and two of whom live out of state.  More…

“Vagina Monologues” co-directors share thoughts Reply

By Krista DeJulio – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Staged every February at Lasell and across the world, “The Vagina Monologues” was originally written and premiered in 1996 in New York City. The playwright of the show, Eve Ensler, also created the global campaign known as V-Day, to raise awareness of violence against women. Interviewing more than 200 women, Ensler has wrote monologues on femininity, sex, love, birth, and various names for vagina.


Seniors Tessa Dinnie (L) and Haleigh West (R) are this year’s co-director’s of “The Vagina Monologues.” Proceeds of the event will benefit the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Photo by Krista DeJulio


College explores dining hall options Reply

By Max Schochet – 1851 Staff

There may be some new food options for Lasell in the near future. A Request for Proposal (RFP) has been issued to get bids from other dining service providers.


The Home Station (pictured) is revamping its appeal to students, along with other features in the dining hall. Sodexo, Laser’s dining service, may be replaced with another food vendor following the end of the academic year. Photo by Ryan Fitzgerald

“It’s probably closer to 25 years since we actually issued an RFP for dining services,” said Diane Austin, Lasell College Vice President of Student Affairs and a member of the RFP selection team. “And that is probably reflective of the fact that we felt like we’ve had a good partnership with Sodexo.”


Donor recognizes commuters, donates for Senior Week Reply

By Nicole Taylor – 1851 Staff

On Friday, February 3, eight randomly selected commuters received an email from Rebecca DeLuca in the Alumni Relations Office about the Senior Week Lottery gift. An anonymous family of a student from the class of 2016 donated eight awards ranging from $75 to $225 to help selected commuters commemorate their time at Lasell.  More…

Refugee discussion educates Village residents, students on immigration Reply

By Tristan Davis & Michael Bueno – Features Editor & Junior Art Director

Lasell Village residents, college faculty, and students filled the Lasell Village Ballroom on Thursday, February 2 to join Dr. Dana Janbek, Associate Professor of Public Relations, and Marc Jacobs, CEO of Jewish Family Service of Metro West for “Syrian Refugees: A Global and Local Perspective.” The event addressed current issues, including the recent travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries. The pair talked about Janbek’s research and Jacobs’ efforts on resettlement for refugees.  More…

News Briefs Reply

By Aimee Forman, Kaley Chamberlain & Lane Sulker – 1851 Staff

Lasell’s marijuana policy not changed by Massachusetts law

Massachusetts’ new law regarding the use of marijuana recreationally went into effect on December 15, 2016. However, according to an email sent by Vice President of Student Affairs Diane Austin on January 5, Lasell still prohibits the use of marijuana even if a student is 21 or older, which is the new legal age for recreational use. This is because Lasell receives federal funding and therefore must abide by federal law, according to Austin. Marijuana is illegal under federal law.

According to Austin, if a college official were to get a complaint about a student smoking marijuana in their residence hall, there would be consequences such as fines, probation, or both. However, she encourages students to work on those issues by themselves.

Even in wet buildings where students who are 21 or over can legally consume alcohol in their dorms, the marijuana policy will still be enforced. More…

Students, staff journey to Antigua, Vietnam Reply

By Nicole Taylor – 1851 Staff


Part of the Shoulder-to-Shoulder program, 12 students traveled to Antigua over winter break to teach English at an elementary school. Photo courtesy of Megan Croce

Over winter break, two select groups of students participated in Shoulder-to-Shoulder service trips to Vietnam and Antigua to learn about the cultures, teach English to elementary-aged students, and work on personal development.   More…

Online course takes unique approach Reply

By Max Schochet – 1851 Staff


Professor Neil Hatem (Center) helps students in MATH106. During construction the math labs have been moved to Alden Lab in Brennan Library. Photo by Max Schochet

For many students, the thought of taking a math class can send shivers down their spine. “Typically speaking, students view math as more of a task or a chore. [It’s] something that they dread,” said Professor Neil Hatem, Chair of the Math & Science Department. Thanks to a new online math program, that perception has changed.   More…