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By Colin Froment, Nicole Taylor, Ashley Cosgrove  1851 Staff, 1851 Staff, Contributing Writer 

Students say “thank you” to donors with TAG Day event

The Student Alumni Association organized the second annual Thank-A-Giver (TAG) Day on April 4 in the Arnow Campus Center. The event highlights the number of people who have donated money to the Lasell Fund.

The event included a large “thank you” poster for the donors that students could sign, as well as snacks and raffles for gift cards to Chipotle and Amazon. Lasell’s mascot Boomer also made an appearance.

Kelsey Brogna, the Associate Director of Alumni Relations, contributed in organizing the event to help students understand the importance of the Lasell Fund and how much the campus has improved because of donations. “It’s good to let donors know that we appreciate their commitment to the college and its students. Without their support, there’s a lot of things on campus that wouldn’t be possible,” said Brogna.

The money donated to the Lasell Fund benefits many programs offered on campus, including study abroad and Shoulder-to-Shoulder trips, scholarships, academic programs, and technology resources, among others.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to personally say thank you.” said junior James Rossano, President of the SAA.

Seniors celebrate 25 days until graduation 

On Thursday, April 13, Franco’s Pizzeria and Pub in Waltham was filled with Lasell seniors to celebrate the final weeks until graduation.

The event was the last countdown celebration until Senior Week. Senior Class President Kelsey Desjardins helped plan each event alongside the class officers and staff from the Office of Student Activities. “It is very stressful at times,” said Desjardins. “My favorite part is seeing all the events come together after all the planning.”

“At first I was skeptical, but I think Franco’s was the perfect place for 25 days,” said Aliza Bogosian. “It was affordable too – we’re all strapped for cash at this point.”

However, Franco’s is a tight space for a large crowd so some seniors were not allowed inside the bar because of issues with over-capacity. The seniors who made it inside enjoyed karaoke, dancing, and billiards.

Seniors were not the only ones who did karaoke. Campus police officer Brian Barnes  sang Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” as part of an agreement with the Senior Class Committee. The agreement was if the senior class met the goal of raising $2,200 by the time of the event, he would have to sing karaoke. “I thought it was a great way for Campus Police to help send off the seniors in a goofy way,” said Andrew Glynn.

Lasell takes a S.T.E.P for foster kids

This semester a group of students formed a campaign to help children of trauma, specifically, children in the foster care system. The campaign was created by the Action for Social Justice: Advocacy for Children class, with sociology professor Betsy Leondar-Wright.

S.T.E.P stands for “strengthening to empower and protect.” The campaign is working to raise the state budget for Department of Children and Families, line item 4800-1100: Social Workers for Case Management. With the increase, the social workers will have smaller caseloads and be able to focus more directly on the foster child’s needs.

On April 12, the goup had more than 60 people call state representatives to vouch their support.

The class will be holding an event at the State House April 25 at 2 p.m. Attend the event to show support and help foster children get the proper help and resources they deserve.

The group of students will be demonstrating the stress of a social worker through a brief street performance. And meet with legislators.

These children in the foster care system did not have a choice of what happened in their past, but the class’s help can make a bright and positive difference in their future.

Mass incarceration talk hosted in de Witt Reply

By Armando Machado Jr. 

On April 6, Lasell hosted Dr. Phillipe Copeland, Clinical Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at Boston University and specialist in the social justice field, for a presentation on mass incarceration in de Witt Hall. Copeland’s discussion focused on mass incarceration’s effects on the country, mainly in the minority community.


Student leaders recognized for excellence Reply

By Michael Bueno & Lane Sulzer – Junior Art Director & 1851 Staff


A group of editors and faculty advisor Marie Franklin of The 1851 Chronicle receive the Organization of the Year award. Photo Courtesy of Emma Cipriani

On Thursday, April 13 Lasell recognized  and honored students, faculty, and staff for outstanding achievements made on campus throughout the 2016-17 academic year. Hosted by the Office of Student Activities, a committee of faculty members decided on awards including  Student Leader of the Year, the Lasell Bowl, and the Lasell Chair.


Job fair deserves more attendance Reply

By Ryan Fitzgerald & Cassidy Murray – Co-Editor-in-Chief & 1851 Staff

Students attend Lasell with hopes of landing an internship while in school or a job upon graduation. The annual job and internship fair helps students connect with professional organizations to make this hope a reality. March 7 marked the third annual fair – welcoming 42 organizations, some who have not attended before, to host tables in the Athletic Center. Students of all classes could speak with various organizations about positions they have available and any advice they have to offer.

DSC_1787-2 (1)

Junior Taylor Tiezzi speaks with a potential employer at the job and internship fair on March 7. Photo by Michael Bueno


New academic building right on schedule Reply

By Megan Palumbo & Tyler Hetu – Sports Editor & 1851 Staff

This past summer, crew members from Commodore Builders dug into what was Wass and Wolfe Halls, two outdated classroom buildings. Wass was completely demolished while Wolfe’s framework stayed for renovations. The new academic center is well on its way to being built. With a manageable amount of snowfall this winter there’s been minimal setbacks, resulting in a speedy completion expected sometime next spring.


The new academic building is being constructed on schedule. Photo by Megan Palumbo