Talk of Ages promotes timeless discussion Reply

Actress Kaiulani Lee speaks to students, faculty, and Lasell Village residents during the Talk of Ages, “A Sense of Wonder” event. Photo By Kristina Kaufmann

Kristina Kaufmann and Kayli Hertel – Photo Editor and 1851 Staff

“We all think we can’t make a differ­ence, yes we can,” said actress Kaiulani Lee at the Talk of Ages, “A Sense of Wonder” event on Friday, November 9, in Rosen Auditorium. The event was centered on bringing recognition to Rachel Carson, an influential author and environmental activ­ist. The event focused on Carson’s novel, Si­lent Spring, which reflected on the chemical industry’s use of pesticides and America’s contemporary environmental movement. More…

Commencement speaker search continues Reply

Mary Pavlu – Features Editor

Graduation is a day of achievement, growth and celebration. It’s also celebrated with a commencement speaker, and past years have included successors such as the CEO of Talbots and Scott Brown, as well as the latest speaker, Barney Frank. Timid graduates on the verge of entering the real world look to the speaker for insight, moti­vation, and positivity. More…

Students react to election results Reply

By Jake Bell and Tom Tighe – Copy Editor and 1851 Staff

Election results announced on Tuesday, November 6 revealed that Barack Obama was re-elected as President of the United States. It was an election that impacted many on a broad range of issues, including stu­dents at Lasell.

“I thought that the popular vote was right on point, thought it would be close. However I thought that the electoral vote was going to be reversed,” said senior Michael Mahoney. With President Obama win­ning the popular vote 50 to 48 per­cent, and the electoral vote 303 to 206, he convincingly secured his spot as our nation’s President.

While Obama ran a campaign stressing change in America, some feel that it’s a different kind of change this nation needs. “Well you’re obviously rooting for the guy you vote for,” said registered Repub­lican voter and senior Matt McCar­thy. “Obama had promised change and I feel he fell short on delivering all of his promises. I saw Romney as a good candidate.”

Barack Obama passed the Stu­dent Loan Reform Act in 2010 saving students more than $60 billion. This reform decreases student monthly payments and forgives debt after twenty years of timely payments. “I still feel worried about my stu­dent loan payments,” said Frank Leone. “It made this election very relevant for me knowing my loans and how I paid for them were at stake.”

Students organized across campus to watch the election re­sults. “A bunch of us were watch­ing the election together,” said senior Paige Seavey. “Some of us wanted Romney to win and oth­ers wanted the president to get re-elected for another term. It was starting to get late when the results came out but we didn’t mind staying up for them.”

“In the weeks ahead, I also look forward to sitting down with Governor Romney to talk about where we can work to­gether to move this country for­ward,” the president said in his victory speech.

Students hope to see a posi­tive result from the election, an election that they were encour­aged to participate in through­out the school year. “I’m inter­ested to see what will happen in the next four years,” said Ma­honey. “I feel it will be like the past four years with the divided House unless our elected lead­ers can come together.”

Preparation kept campus safe in wake of Sandy Reply

By Zac Vierra – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Mother Nature can be one of the most unpre­dictable forces on Earth. It is impossible to know the strength of a natural disaster until sometimes it is too late. Luckily, Lasell has an emergency man­agement and action plan ready in preparation for such an event. This preparation helped keep cam­pus safe during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. More…

Hurricane hits close to home Reply

Natalie Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

While Hurricane Sandy’s effects on Lasell and the Newton area were relatively minor, many mem­bers of the Lasell community are from or have rela­tives living in the areas where Sandy made a bigger impact. Students and faculty members struggled with worry regarding the well-being of their loved ones and houses back home. More…

Exhibit hangs domestic violence out to dry Reply

The Clothesline Project is displayed outside Valentine Dining Hall in October, which is Domestic Violence Month. The project was sponsored by the Justice Studies department and the Domestic Violence Advocacy and Prevention Club. Photo By Kristina Kaufmann

Ashlyn Curley – 1851 Staff

From October 24 to 26, different colored T-shirts hung on display outside Valentine Din­ing Hall. The display, known as The Clothesline Project, was sponsored by the Justice Studies Department and the Domestic Vio­lence Advocacy and Prevention Club to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence. More…