Hurricane hits close to home Reply

Natalie Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

While Hurricane Sandy’s effects on Lasell and the Newton area were relatively minor, many mem­bers of the Lasell community are from or have rela­tives living in the areas where Sandy made a bigger impact. Students and faculty members struggled with worry regarding the well-being of their loved ones and houses back home. More…

Exhibit hangs domestic violence out to dry Reply

The Clothesline Project is displayed outside Valentine Dining Hall in October, which is Domestic Violence Month. The project was sponsored by the Justice Studies department and the Domestic Violence Advocacy and Prevention Club. Photo By Kristina Kaufmann

Ashlyn Curley – 1851 Staff

From October 24 to 26, different colored T-shirts hung on display outside Valentine Din­ing Hall. The display, known as The Clothesline Project, was sponsored by the Justice Studies Department and the Domestic Vio­lence Advocacy and Prevention Club to bring awareness to the issue of domestic violence. More…

Students back Barack Reply

Chelsea Curley & Lissette MelendezContributing writers

Students at Lasell College will vote to re-elect President Barack Obama, according to the results of a random sample survey.

Of the 94 students surveyed, 58 per­cent said they would vote for Obama. Ten percent said they would vote for Mitt Romney, while the remaining students were undecided or writing in a candidate. The students in Barbara Meltz’s Writing for the Media class conducted the poll. More…

Food for Thought program provides tasty discussion 2

Cait Fitzgerald & Ashlyn Curley – 1851 Staff

Lasell’s Center for Community-Based Learning (CCBL) created Food for Thought, a new program this semester that invites members of the campus to come into the CCBL’s office in Klingbeil House to discuss topics on civility and leadership.Photo By Kristina Kaufmann


Lasell’s Center for Community Based Learning (CCBL) launched a new program this year called “Food for Thought,” which meets every Tuesday during common hours in Klingbeil House.

The program, facilitated by Amy Greene, focuses on discussion topics for students to talk about civility and leadership. More…

Donahue Scholar talks race Reply

Kristina KaufmannPhoto Edtior

Ken Hardy, a distinguished Donahue Scholar, speaks to the Lasell campus about race. Photo by Kristina Kaufmann


Ken Hardy, a distinguished Donahue Scholar, spoke to students and faculty in de­Witt Hall on October 2.

His speech encouraged students to be more aware of race and talk about it freely without feeling uncomfortable. More…

Panel encourages voting Reply

Jacob Bell & Alex Dixon1851 Staff

A student panel presented a seminar on “Does My Vote Really Matter?” on Octo­ber 9 in the Rosen Auditorium.

The seminar was comprised of in­dependent and undecided students who presented a combination of political views and facts to support whether student votes count or not. The hour-long panel consist­ed of Ninwa Hanna, Kevin Lilly, Matthew Evans, Ginna Giraldo, and was moderated by Democrat Sammy Rastagh, a Visiting As­sistant Professor of Sociology. Tables were set up outside the seminar, allowing stu­dents to register to vote in November and receive absentee ballots. More…