Interns deserve better Reply

By Claire CrittendonFeatures Editor 

Every Lasell student is required to complete at least one internship before graduating. While it used to be that students here were unable to accept paid internship positions, that is thankfully no longer the case. But, even now that students may obtain programs offering monetary compensation now, many aren’t lucky enough to nail one down.


Intelligence doesn’t come in a form of numbers Reply

By Ruth Kehinde- Digitial Editor

GPAs are calculated through various numbers from grades and weight on assignments, that are then divided by the number of credits from each of those classes. Although this is the way GPAs are formed, it seems to be the way of how students are able to apply each of those numbers in their favor to “play the game” of having all of those aspects add up to a score. So instead of measuring a student’s intelligence, it measures performance.  More…

Dear Administration: Consider all backgrounds Reply

The 1851 Chronicle Editorial Board

Dear administration,

As surrounding Boston-area schools begin to close due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Lasell community has started to talk. In just a short walk to class, you overhear an abundance of conversations regarding this issue. “Are we closing?” “Will we be able to come back after spring break?” “How will I finish my classes online?” While we do worry for our health and the others’ around us, we also worry what the remainder of the semester will look like. We hope to have a different outcome than the rest. 

Consider the international student from China who can’t travel home because they worry they won’t be let back in America.

Consider the student who calls campus home because they don’t have a supportive or safe home life, or a place to go “home” to in the first place.

Consider the student who doesn’t have access to the internet to complete their spring semester courses.

Consider the fashion design and production majors who require Donahue’s facilities, STEM students who need access to labs, and all students who need Adobe programs to complete their required coursework. 

Consider the student who uses Lasell’s Counseling Center for its free mental health resources. 

Consider the student who uses the Academic Achievement Center to succeed in classes. 

Consider the students who rely on their work-study jobs or prescriptions from the health and counseling centers. 

Consider the student whose only access to affordable healthcare is through student insurance.

Consider students in the middle of Boston-based internships and off-campus jobs.

Consider the student who is solely reliant on their meal plan.

How will they be supported? Consider how closing campus will affect the student body collectively and individually. To many, Lasell is more than a school, it’s home and a stable environment. 

We write this for the students who need to be heard. These are just a few of many students whose semesters will be negatively impacted if we follow the lead of Harvard, Babson, MIT, Suffolk, etc. 

On top of the worry around midterms, we worry if these are our last moments on campus of spring 2020. As for the Class of 2020, will their time be cut short? Will they be able to experience torchlight? Graduation? While we are worried for our health and the health of those residing in Lasell Village, we’re also worried what this means for our spring semester. 

We know the administration cares and thinks about students. We wanted to use our voice and student journalism platform to make sure our needs were expressed. 


The 1851 Chronicle editorial staff

The cost of convenience Reply

By Katie Peters – Arts Editor

Laundry is an unavoidable part of living away from home. Though it may be a small hassle and cost some money, it still has to get done at some point. The original way of paying for laundry was via the swipe of a card. Now with the new laundry system, it may just make it easier for some students to get their laundry done by eliminating the plastic cards and enabling students to pay through an app.


Act against the SATs 1

Claire CrittendonFeatures Editor

Across America, over 70 percent of colleges and universities require prospective
students to submit their scores from either the SAT or the ACT. In the fall of 2017, Lasell
made the choice to ditch this policy and became test-optional. This means students who wish to submit their test scores for consideration may do so. However, applications are still considered complete without.


After Shuttle Hours Reply

This video is an extension of the opinions piece story of, “The T on the shuttle.” The Chronicle’s editors came together to portray the experience that a Lasell University student may have while walking back on campus after the hours of the shuttle service. This experience was depicted through two scenarios from two students, showing the route they feel most safe to go toward. Dive into the “After Shuttle Hours” video to learn more.

This video was made by Opinion Editor Casey DiBari, Features Editor Claire Crittendon, Sports Editor Adam Hallenbeck, Digital Editors Ruth Kehinde & Emily Long & Illustrator Robby Rowe