Costume Do’s and Don’ts

By Casey DiBari & Claire Crittendon1851 Contributor & Editor in Chief

Halloween is in full swing once again this year, especially on campus. After a year filled with quarantining, tests and vaccinations, we know students are excited to have a night of fun, whether you’re going out with friends or staying on campus. However, we want to remember this year that along with making sure you’re being careful, make sure that your costumes aren’t going to offend other people in our community.

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Late night dining tries their best

By Josh Wolmer1851 Contributor

I think it’s been a rough year for 1851 late-night dining. Last year late-night dining wasn’t offered until later in the year, and you would think that students wouldn’t be complaining as much about the food service for this year. I believe students have no right to complain about 1851, due to the short staffing and the nationwide product shortage.  

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Editor’s Corner: Text me when you get home

By Claire CrittendonCo-Editor-in-Chief

(L-R) Seniors Aster Kallman, Claire Crittendon and Nick Brown. Photo courtesy of Claire Crittendon

My college application essay was on the importance of what I called at the time, my found family. My friends, mentors, partners – people I knew would meet me with the perfect balance of patience, support, accountability, and love.

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Gen Z Will Change the World

By Emma Ingenohl1851 Contributor

Illustration by Felipe Bida

What and who are Generation Z? Young people? Gamers? Peace-makers? “Digital-ites”? Generation Z is a unique generation which has become a controversial topic of the last few years. Those who are considered Generation Z, or Gen Z for short, are born between the years of 1997 and 2012, though some sources say mid 90s to mid 2010s. 

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Forever (Fashion) Forward

By Julia McNicol – 1851 Contributor

Lasell University provides more opportunity for fashion students as they have the option to study not only fashion design and fashion merchandising, but also fashion media and marketing, a major that many other schools do not offer. While Lasell did recently change the name of the fashion communication and promotion major to fashion media and marketing, this has been a major that the school has carried on for many years. Many students even tend to major in one of these and minor in another to broaden their knowledge of the fashion world.

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