Knock, knock, knockin’ on Plant Ops’ door Reply

Casey DiBari & Hannah SmithOpinion Editor & 1851 Staff

Students returned to campus, no doubt excited to be with their friends again, start classes and see where they’d be living for the next school year. But for some, that excitement may have deflated when they saw the condition of their housing.

Water damage. Paint damage. Missing closet doors. This is just some things heard or seen when school started up again. Some of the residence halls and houses had various damage, which soured the mood of move-in day for some returning students. While these damages can be brushed off and accepted, it can still ruin the feel of a room.


Baker loses cool over Juul Reply

Casey DiBariOpinion Editor

When I entered my first year, one of the first questions my one roommate asked was,“is it okay if I vape in the room?” Me, naive, just starting college, had no idea what she was talking about so, I said yes. After she moved out of the room, I was sure that was the last time I would ever hear about vaping. Clearly, I was wrong.


Pursuing great, forever forward Reply

Emily LongDigital Editor


Illustration by Robby Rowe

On Aug. 13, 2019 students were soaking up the last weeks of summer before they headed back to Lasell College. However, that would soon change. Students wouldn’t be returning to Lasell College in the fall. That morning, President Michael Alexander appeared in our email inboxes, class Facebook pages and social media feeds to announce “Lasell University.”


Student’s on the Street Reply

By Emily Long, Ruth Kehinde & Jared Sgroi  – Digital Editors & 1851 Staff

A month has passed since the Fall semester has began. Senior, Jared Sgroi, interviewed various Lasell “Students on the Street” about their input on how Lasell has changed since the transition into a university status, within that passing month.

EDITOR’S CORNER: Tying together the trio Reply

By Megan Palumbo – Co-Editor-in-Chief

I’ve loved putting my heart and soul into The 1851 Chronicle for the past four years at Lasell. As I apply for jobs, I have plenty of writing examples thanks to this newspaper. However, I wish I had more video content or maybe a radio show to write scripts for since being a journalist today is to be a jack of all trades.


Scandal leads to Varsity Blues Reply

By Katie Peters – 1851 Staff 

Over spring break students may have encountered the news story “Operation Varsity Blues,” the college admissions scandal involving celebrities, such as actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, that surfaced that week. When federal prosecutors released information about this case on March 12, college students were outraged, as this felt unfair and unethical.