Equity gaps in Hollywood 

By Karissa Gaughan – 1851 Contributor

Hollywood’s long standing issues of equity and inclusion have extended past the conversations of race, ethnicity, sex and gender, and continues to infect improvement of LGBTQ+ representation in media. Hollywood’s Diversity report conducted by researchers at UCLA came out showing audiences favored shows that reflected different backgrounds and experiences that resonated more with them. 

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Transferring to Lasell

By Abi Brown – Arts Editor

My journey getting to Lasell was a relatively long and very emotional one. Like many other transfer students, the fear of “am I making the right decision?” lingered. I was unsure if the safety of a big state school as a business major would be worth it if I was unable to do what I truly find interesting, which is fashion. In the end, transferring to Lasell was the best thing I could have done for myself.

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Where did syllabus week go? 

By Alexandra White – 1851 Contributor  

At the start of every semester, students expect their first week of classes will be syllabus week. Syllabus week is an entire week of school where professors will go over the course’s policies, what to expect, deadlines, etc. However, since the start of the pandemic, I have noticed the majority of my classes start teaching on the first day. In some of my classes, professors haven’t even posted a syllabus on Canvas. 

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The future is pass/fail

By Claire CrittendonCo-Editor-in-Chief

The feeling of pure ecstasy as you hear your professor say, “this assignment will be graded on completion,” is unmatched. Your stress melts away, your breathing evens out, you realize you don’t have to spend the next two weeks agonizing in anticipation of a certain Canvas notification; all college-level classes should be pass/fail by default.

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