Last chance to play

Zach Gray – Sports Editor

College: four years of life where ev­ery opportunity should be taken. It’s where young adults can excel in academ­ics, clubs, organizations, and athletics. At the Division III (D-III) level, it’s also the last chance for a student athlete to shine. Athletes don’t usually become profes­sional after participating in D-III athlet­ics. Athletes become graduates. Graduates become workers. Workers become bosses. Bosses retire. In that stereotypical post-college life, one hopes to continue some form of involvement in athletics. This includes playing in recreational leagues, coaching, or jobs in sports. Regardless of whatever comes after college, nothing compares to the competitive nature of collegiate athletics. Continue reading “Last chance to play”

New beginnings in D.C.

Lasell junior Casey O’Brien at the World War II Monument in Washington D.C. O’Brien is spending the fall semester at American University for the Washington Semester Program.Photo courtesy of Casey O’Brien

By Casey O’BrienWashington Correspondent

There I was, standing alone in my new dorm room, fighting back tears as my mother got in her car and left. We had done this two years in a row already, I was used to it now- why was I crying? Because this was new, I was alone in my room, I didn’t know anyone, and I really didn’t want to have lunch by myself.

Fast forward two weeks later, it’s like that episode never happened, and I’m exploring Washington D.C. with my new friends. Continue reading “New beginnings in D.C.”

Freshmen succeed by focusing on future

By Brandon ChaseManaging Editor

Emotions can run wild for freshmen in their first semester of college. During the course of those first 14 weeks, some will embrace their new environment with excitement, fueled by the free­dom of being away from home for the first time. Others might be afraid to adapt to changing sur­roundings. But whatever attitude first-years may have toward starting college, the key to success over the next four years is to focus on the future.

Graduation might seem like a long way away for the class of 2016, but it’s the ultimate goal of the college experience. And even though every student will face challenges before walking across the stage with their diploma, many freshmen confuse diffi­culties with what are mere inconveniences. Continue reading “Freshmen succeed by focusing on future”

Changes bring positivity

By Kristina Kaufmann – Photographer & Asst. Layout

In 2010, when I first took a tour of Lasell College as a high school senior, it lacked much of the accommodations available today. The campus appearance has improved with two new buildings over the course of two years and a renovation to Valentine Dining Hall. In addition, Lasell has added new majors and minors for stu­dents and hired new full-time faculty members.

It is not that Lasell didn’t have much to offer before, but now prospective students will have much more of a memorable experience when touring the school. Continue reading “Changes bring positivity”

A Letter to Barney Frank

Representative Frank,

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Not because of the foundation upon which you base your political beliefs, and not because of the work you’ve done for the state of Massachusetts or the United States of America.

You should be ashamed of yourself because of your actions on May 13 of this year. As a member of the graduating class of 2012 at Lasell College, I anticipated your commencement address. I hoped that it would contain words of wisdom and optimism as my fellow classmates and I enter into an uncertain world.

Instead, your speech was a rambling, politically charged rant that was of little relevance, and contained little consideration of the audience to which you were delivering it. Given your impending retirement, this was particularly disappointing.

You took what should have been a once in a lifetime moment of celebration for the class of 2012, and turned into an opportunity to spew partisan vitriol.

You directed criticism at the federal government for exhausting its shrinking resources in an effort to police the world. You acknowledged that the terrorist threat does not compare to the Nazi or Soviet threats that America has confronted in the past. You discussed the constantly draining resources of the social security and medicare systems. You capitalized on the opportunity to remind everyone that you did not vote to send troops to Iraq and you celebrated the courage it took for you to vote in favor of deploying troops to Afghanistan. Continue reading “A Letter to Barney Frank”

2012 graduates share final thoughts

Class of 2012,

It’s been real! We have seen the worst of times, as well as the best of times. For me, personally, it has been a growing ex­perience, and I have made some of the best friendships who will be with me forever. I have met some of the smartest and fun­niest people of my life here. It has been an honor to have class with most of you. I just want to say “Thank you” for all of the memories, and this time spent at Lasell will live with me forever.

— Javon Williams Continue reading “2012 graduates share final thoughts”

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