Homosexuality gets oversexualized

By Karissa Gaughan – 1851 Contributor

Illustration by Felipe Bida

On March 28, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Legislation effective in kindergarten to third grade classrooms. The legislation aims to ban discussion of gender and sexuality for students in kindergarten through third grade. The bill-coined the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, is supported by Florida legislators who are in support of “parental rights.”

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Springtime study spots 

By Holly Feola & Hanna Babek – Opinion Editor & 1851 Contributor

As the warm weather makes its returns, the campus welcomes it with open arms. The dreary winter scene dissipated and now is replaced with a sunny, lively spring one. Students can finally get out of their stuffy rooms and the library to study outside and take in the beautiful weather as nature comes back to life. Here are plenty of places around campus to take in fresh air to study or to chill with friends: 

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Lasers lose White Ribbon game against Sharks

By Kaie Quigley – Co-Editor-in-Chief

All photos by Joe Giacco

Saturday afternoon, the women’s lacrosse team took a 15-7 loss against the Simmons University Sharks at Grellier Field. Seniors Sophia Gadsden and Sydney Brady lead the offense for the Lasers, combining for five of the seven goals. Gadsden scored a hat trick and Brady had two scores. Senior goalie Devin Zambruno tallied 17 saves in the loss.

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Lasell rallies late but falls short against Emerson

By Zack Laware – 1851 Contributor

All photos by Joe Giacco

Senior midfielder Jordan Hines of the men’s lacrosse team tallied his second hat trick during a 12-9 non-conference setback to Emerson Thursday afternoon at Grellier Field.

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