Students share reactions to Science and Technology Center

By Colin Froment – News Editor/Web Content Producer

Last month, the Science and Technology Center opened its doors for classes, and the students have been adjusting to the building’s innovative features. Check out this month’s “Student on the Street” video with LCTV asks students what they think about the STC.

“The Truth Unraveled”

On Tuesday, April 18, Professor Deborah Baldizar’s Art Management class held an Interactive Art Project and Art Show titled “The Truth Unraveled.” The event brought students, faculty, Lasell village members and even children together to discover what the truth means to them. Here’s Co-Editor-in-Chief Ryan Fitzgerald and staff member Max Schochet’s coverage of the event in part with LCTV.

Covering COM Day

The fifth annual COM Day was held on Tuesday, March 7. Now that students and faculty have returned from spring break, we have a video to look back on this year’s event:

Laser Nation: Talks Politics

By Krista DeJulio, Megan Palumbo and Brandi Johnson – Co-Editor-In-Chief and 1851 Staff

Since this is the season of politics, the Laser Nation film crew asked students around campus about politics, the debates, and the new candidates. Check out what they had to say when 1851 staff members Krista DeJulio, Megan Palumbo, and Brandi Johnson chased down Laser opinions.

Laser Nation: Special Alumni Edition

By Krista DeJulio, Allie Nekola and Megan Palumbo – Co-Editor-In-Chiefs and 1851 Staff

“1851 Chronicle” reporters Krista DeJulio, Allie Nekola with Megan Palumbo editing, experienced Family, Friends and Alumni weekend. This event is a chance for Lasers of all ages to connect and enjoy Lasell in the fall. Check out what past classmates have to say as 1851 staff members Krista DeJulio, Allie Nekola and Megan Palumbo chased down Laser alum opinions.

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