Beware, love is in the air

By Ghiz Benzerdjeb – 1851 Contributor

My coworkers and I at work.
Photo by Ghiz Benzerdjeb

No mask in the world can protect you from this one, whether you had a Valentine’s Day boo or not, on February 14 of this year, it was all about self-love and loving the little things with the people you love. Normally on Valentine’s Day, I do take some effort in dressing up, buying flowers or art supplies and eating good. 

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New Year’s Resolutions: Useful or a Cliché?

By Rebecca Osowski – 1851 Contributor

McClelland gym is now open on campus, a perfect place to start achieving your goals, whenever you are ready.
Photo by: Rebecca Osowski

As the year ends, families gather to celebrate holidays and reflect on the year while also reflecting on themselves, setting New Year’s resolutions and aiming to be a better version of themself in the following year. While New Year’s resolutions are great for setting goals, they are often hard to attain, easily discouraging those that set them. 

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Interesting Internships

By Angela Hayes – 1851 Contributor

Laura Gunning smiling at her senior year practicum at William’s Elementary School.
Photo courtesy of Laura Gunning

Most of these internship examples were found on the Lasell University website! After going to the homepage, click on the drop-down menu titled ‘Academics’ and then select ‘Internship Programs’ near the end. From there you can choose your major/school and view many companies and organizations that Lasell students have worked with in the past.

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Day in the life of a fashion media and marketing major

By Julia Ricco – 1851 Contributor

Pictured above is a visual design done by Julia Ricco at Michael Kors.
Photo by Julia Ricco

My name is Julia Ricco and I am a junior. I am a Fashion Media and Marketing major with double minors in Photography and Fashion Retail and Merchandising. Along with my studies, I am also a Key Holder, which is a type of manager, at Michael Kors in the Natick Mall. As I write this on a Wednesday afternoon, I will be walking you through my daily schedule as a full time student with a part-time job. 

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Intern Spotlight: Madelyn Hedges, Breaking News

By Bailey Klingaman – Digital Editor

Madelyn Hedges works remotely, drafting press releases for her internship at JGPR. 
Photo Courtesy of Madelyn Hedges

There is no doubt that finding an internship right now can be nerve racking. Between COVID-19 and searching for the internship that fits you and your schedule best, it is easy to focus on the list of things you still need to do. But let’s take a moment to appreciate what has already been accomplished and the people doing the jobs.

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I didn’t choose the remote life…the remote life chose me

By Ghiz Benzerdjeb – 1851 Contributor

After taking a year off school and going straight into remote learning, I am finally in my senior year. I don’t feel like a senior, though. I wake up and stare at screens for at least 10 hours a day, doing my best to stay grounded in a mid-pandemic world that continues to defy gravity. Here is a sneak peek of my week.

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Q&A Session with Culinary College Talent, Student and Chef, Mathieu Ouellet

By Jared Giurleo – 1851 Contributor

Ouellet in his dorm room with cooking supplies.
Photo by Jared Giurleo

Mathieu Ouellet is a senior currently enrolled at Lasell University, and he understands this issue. He shares his knowledge through the LCTV program “Culinary College” making dishes that students can make.

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