More than just volunteering Reply

Illustration by Natalie Kfoury

Illustration by Natalie Kfoury

Kayli Hertel – Features Editor

I’m not really sure how I ended up at the Center for Community-Based Learning (CCBL). It may have started when my best friend dragged me along when she started volunteering; or it may have been when I followed my friends to talk with their CCBL mentors. Even though I don’t remember how I got to the CCBL, I’m glad I did.

In one word, the CCBL is all about caring. Caring about a topic, whatever it may be, and doing something about it is what the center does. It can be something about animals, youth homelessness, literacy, or cancer; it’s as simple as that.  More…

Fall sports up and running Reply

Adam Palmer – 1851 Staff

A new school year means the start of the fall sports. Preseason is the one word that has a different definition to every player. The beauty of preseason is no matter what players did last year, everyone starts with a clean slate. Some teams do come in with an advantage of talent, but the potential for each team is determined during the few weeks of grueling practices in the August heat. More…

Skepticism and the conflict in Syria Reply

Emily M. Kochanek – News Editor

My mother always told me, “If the U.S. goes in to help, the world hates us. If the U.S. decides to mind its own business, the world hates us.” Although I grew up in a household that revered the American dream of freedom, I also learned skepticism. Just because the U.S. goes to war claiming humanitarian aid does not mean the government doesn’t have internal interests. Each side of the political spectrum has an agenda. In an arena of back-room deals, skepticism is all the American public has left.  More…

Class of 2013 graduates, says goodbye to Lasell 11

Zachary Gray- Co-editor-in-chief

The Class of 2013 received their diplomas on the afternoon of Sunday May 19, as part of this year’s successful Lasell College commencement ceremony.President Michael B. Alexander opened the afternoon with a speech reflecting on the graduates’ year and looking ahead to the future.

“Armed with your degree, and the life long memories of the Lasell family, you are equipped to face this…world,” said Alexander. “Fight through the disappointment,  frustration, and discouragement  Keep networking…if you persevere,  you will get a job.”

President Alexander saw the graduates’ patience and perseverance throughout the year, whether it was Superstorm Sandy, Blizzard Nemo, the passing of senior Sean Bertanza, or the Boston Marathon bombings. At the end of his speech, President Alexander shared a letter he received from Tom Grilk, executive director of the Boston Athletic Association. Every year, the President receives a letter  thanking Lasell for allowing head athletic trainer Chris Troyanos to serve as medical coordinator, something he’s done for many years. This year, that letter was different. Grilk expressed “deep appreciation” for Chris’s medical support. More…

Lasell Small Business Institute hosts event on the dynamics in a changing environment Reply

Kayli Hertel – 1851 Staff

On Thursday, May 2, de Witt Hall housed students and local entrepreneurs for an evening sponsored by the Small Business Institute (SBI) and the Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce.

The SBI was created in order to encourage student entrepreneurs and support them through the creation of their businesses as well as inspire students to accept challenges as they come. The event consisted of keynote speakers Dr. Paul Levy and Darryl Settles as well as student entrepreneurs who presented different examples of Connected Learning. More…

Awards Banquet celebrates Lasell Reply

Photos by Kristina Kaufmann

Kayli Hertel- 1851 Staff

On Thursday April 25, the annual Awards Banquet was held in de Witt Hall, where more than 90 students, faculty, and staff gathered to be recognized for their leadership and commitment to the college. These leaders represent various organizations and departments at an evening full of pride and accomplishment. More…