Food options fail on weekends Reply

Diane CoonContributing Writer

As a college student, there is nothing better than rolling out of bed on a Saturday, strolling into the dining hall, and eating breakfast. At Lasell, sometimes it’s hard to do that. The school is a different place on the weekends. The most common complaint is that everyone goes home on the weekends. The truth is, a lot of people do, and the reason is a vicious cycle. In this cycle, one of the main reasons for leaving is that there is nothing to eat. More…

The Best of D.C. Reply

Casey O’BrienWashington Correspondent

As my time in Washington comes to a close, I look back on my whole experience and everything I’ve learned while I’ve been here. I’ve been able to have some amazing opportunities, things I don’t think I could have had at another internship or out of D.C. More…

Lasell cracks top 25 list Reply

Alex Dixon1851 Staff

The “US News and World Report” ranked Lasell College as number 25 on the 2013 Top Regional Colleges in the North.

The system is based on the researched view of what matters in education. High school students use these rankings to place themselves into the school they best fit. More…

Vision 2017 sees new athletic center in the future Reply

“Vision 2017” includes plans for a new athletic center. One possible location for the new athletic center would be across the street from the Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center (see above). To start the project, Lasell will need 1-3 lead donors of at least $5-15 million.Digital rendering courtesy of the Office of President Alexander

Zach GraySports Editor

“Vision 2017”, Lasell’s strategic plan for improvement and renovation of the campus, includes a multi-million dollar athletic cen­ter. Although the plans are not set and the location has yet to be determined, ideas for the new athletic center continue to grow. More…