Times are hard for dreamers Reply

Natalie Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

The 2001 French film “Amélie” was highly regarded by many for aspects such as its beautiful cinematography, direction, acting, and soundtrack. I love the movie and it is one of my favorites. To me, it is so memorable for its lines. One of which, “Times are hard for dreamers,” comes to mind immediately when I think of the movie and when I think of tragedies. More…

Video: Scene from Arsenal Street after Dzokhar Tsarnaev is captured Reply

When Dzokhar Tsarnaev, the second suspect wanted for the Boston Marathon bombings, was captured in Watertown after a giant manhunt on Friday, the community took to the streets to celebrate the 19-year-old being in custody.

1851 Chronicle staff member Bri Robbins drove down to Arsenal Street in Watertown with a few friends about three hours after Tsarnaev was found by police. The Arsenal Mall was being used as a command center by law enforcement. Check out the video below to see some of the commotion from a night that Greater Boston and America will never forget.

Video credit to Bri Robbins

Boston Marathon bombings hit close to home 1

Zac Vierra Co-Editor-in-Chief

It was a week nobody will soon forget. What started as a celebration of Patriots’ Day soon became a day of sadness after the news of two explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Soon it was clear these explosions were an act of terrorism and people in the greater Boston area began to mourn as the authorities started a search for the evil people behind this act.

On Thursday April, 18, just days after the bombing, two suspects shot an MIT police officer, hijacked a SUV, and started a massive shootout in Watertown. One suspect was killed while another was on the loose. On Friday, the entire city of Boston and surrounding areas, including Newton, was on lockdown. Finally, after hours of searching, and a virtual shutting down of all activity and traffic in Watertown, the second suspect was found and captured, alive.

After five days the madness was finally over.

Although nobody from the Lasell community was injured from the bombings, the events of the week had a huge impact on those at Lasell. Professors ran the marathon, athletic training students were working the marathon, and the entire campus was locked down and left without food for most of Friday. It was a week that saw sadness, fear, and hope for the future of the city of Boston, sentiments shared by college students, the young, and the old.  More…

Lasell’s annual blood drive a success Reply

Lasell’s annual spring blood drive, held on April 4, collected 52 units of blood, the highest record of a blood drive ever held at the college. A raffle was held after the donations including prizes from Jillian’s of Boston, Solar Tune Tanning, and J.P. Licks. Photos By Kristina Kaufmann

Michelle BurkeCopy Editor 

On April 4, the Center for Community Based Learning (CCBL) and the American Red Cross hosted their annual blood drive in deWitt Hall. This was senior Danielle Monastiero’s third semester organizing the drive as head of the plan- ning board for the event.

This month’s drive collected 52 units of blood, “The highest record ever for the Lasell community,” said Monastiero. The Fall 2012 semester received 68 donors and 43 units of blood. More…

Students show creativity with Marathon Monday shirts Reply

Elizabeth Haela1851 Staff

Marathon Monday is a day of celebration and excitement at Lasell College. Prior to this occasion, students take it upon themselves to design and produce shirts for their peers to wear and relish their memories of college.

This year at least three shirt designs were created and sold. Students Ashley Tarby, Natalie Sherwood, Jean Breval, and Ricky Hawkes were competing for designs and prices. More…

Lasell Villager Carolyn Eastman goes to Cambodia for community service trip Reply

Morgan Brittney Austin1851 Staff

The term “community service” used to have negative connotations. Now people of all ages come together to give back, whether it is within their own community, or to help people in need elsewhere in the world. From January 13 to 31, Lasell Villager Carolyn Eastman, volunteered her services to help children at The Sharing Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Cambodia. More…