Students return to Ecuador for Winter break Reply

The 2012 “Shoulder-to-Shoulder” group, learns to farm in a sustainable way. Photo Courtesy of the Center for Community-Based Learning

Caitlin Fitzgerald1851 Staff

While most Lasell students will re­lax at home during winter break, 11 will travel to Ecuador for one week – but not for a vacation. Instead these students are donating their time to help out the Ecua­dorian community. They will represent Lasell and the “Shoulder-to-Shoulder” pro­gram by working with community experts to help improve the environment. Leading them will be Aaron Toffler, a professor of environmental studies and co-leader Amy Greene, assistant director of the Center for Community-Based Learning. More…

Joanna Burns shares musical talent and voice on stage Reply

Joanna Burns, a piano pop singer/songwriter, took her talents to Lasell for a performance at the Arnow Campus Center. Burns, who released her third album, “The Green Year,” in May of 2011, stood out from the crowd with her
musical talents and soulful singing voice. Photo By Carissa Woolf

Carissa Woolf1851 Staff

Sweet, soulful, and sassy are three words that describe Joanna Burns. The 28-year-old singer/songwriter from New Jersey visited campus to share her mu­sic, stories, and sound with the community. She gave a concert in the Campus Center to an enthusi­astic crowd of students. More…

Unwanted wake up woes Reply

Jake BellCopy Editor 

Whether it’s due to work, studying, or socializing, students living on campus usually don’t go to bed until late. Most of us can function with a couple hours of sleep and a nap during the day. However, what is becoming a problem with Lasell residents is the landscaping and leaf blow­ing during the early morning hours. More…

Editor’s Corner: Christmas confession Reply

Zac Vierra — Co-Editor-in-Chief

I was born on December 25, 1990. You would think that would automatically make Christmas my favorite holiday. For most of my years growing up, Christmas was at the top of the list. I got double presents (most of the time, but that’s a story for another day) so no holiday could possibly be better.

But I have a confession to make: sorry Christmas, but I have moved on. Thanksgiving is simply better in my eyes. More…