“Side Effects” thrills Reply

“Side Effects” is an ideal psychological thriller that features exceptional acting and direction.Photo courtesy of IMDB.com

“Side Effects” is an ideal psychological thriller that features exceptional acting and direction.Photo courtesy of IMDB.com

Natalie KfouryCo-Editor-in-Chief

It’s hard to concoct a perfect psychological thriller film. It can be difficult to draw the line as to where to stop pulling the audience through a maze as they question themselves time and time again and when to keep going and to add more twists and turns to that maze. Too much confusion can lose the viewer and too little can bore them. While “Side Effects” is not a perfect psychological thriller, it comes close. Directed by Steven Soderbergh and with a powerful cast including Rooney Mara, Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Channing Tatum, “Side Effects” effectively pulls the audience in and keeps them guessing themselves, as a good psychological thriller should, through the film’s length. More…

Laser Nation, where are you? 2

Zachary GraySports Editor

Picture this: it’s an arena filled with thousands of fans waiting for a college basketball game to tip-off. There’s a section at mid-court filled with student body members covered in face paint. Each student is jumping up and down to the introduction music with their arms on the shoulders beside them.

As the players get ready for the game to begin, the students are chanting in unison. The game begins, and the fans are go- ing wild. Their hands go up during every free throw, in hopes the away team will miss. It’s not necessarily going to work; it’s more of a superstition. Every game it’s the same: first ones there, last ones out. They come out in big numbers to silence the away team’s supporters. The “super- fans” support the college’s teams no matter how good or bad they perform. Does this seem like the fans of Lasell College? I can easily say absolutely not. More…

“Long.Live.A$AP,” a classic Reply

Miguel Taveras1851 Staff

A$AP Rocky released his mixtape, “Live. Love.A$AP,” in October of 2011. Since then the mixtape has had more than a million downloads. After this huge success with his first project the buzz around A$AP’s first album had fans eager to have a listen. “Love. Live.A$AP” was released on January 15, about a month after the album leaked online. More…

Lasell crime log: January 2013 Reply

Kayli Hertel1851 Staff

Friday, January 4 at 10:58 am, police responded to water damage at the Valentine Building. The case is closed.

At 10:45 pm on Monday, January 7, police responded to a fire alarm at McClelland Hall. This was a fire alarm reset.

On Tuesday, January 8, police reported to a fire alarm at Woodland Hall at 10:15 am. The case is closed. More…