Election season in Washington Reply

Casey O’BrienWashington Correspondent

It comes every four years, and now, for a limited time, it’s back: election sea­son. It’s time for snarky advertisements about the other opponent, debates, and last-minute campaigning. No one is off lim­its, not even Big Bird.

Being in Washington, D.C. for election season is an experience that I am happy to be able to live out. Public figures are flocking to the city as many political superstars were re­cently in the area to analyze the debates, and more will come in November. More…

Panel encourages voting Reply

Jacob Bell & Alex Dixon1851 Staff

A student panel presented a seminar on “Does My Vote Really Matter?” on Octo­ber 9 in the Rosen Auditorium.

The seminar was comprised of in­dependent and undecided students who presented a combination of political views and facts to support whether student votes count or not. The hour-long panel consist­ed of Ninwa Hanna, Kevin Lilly, Matthew Evans, Ginna Giraldo, and was moderated by Democrat Sammy Rastagh, a Visiting As­sistant Professor of Sociology. Tables were set up outside the seminar, allowing stu­dents to register to vote in November and receive absentee ballots. More…

Rugby looks back, pushes forward Reply

Brian Roach – 1851 Staff

The rugby club in action against Westfield. Photo By Kristina Kaufmann

The Rugby Club has been competing for the past three seasons and many of the upperclassmen have remained dedicated to the team.

Last fall, the Lasers finished with a 5-0 regular season record to earn a Division IV playoff berth. This year, the team is 2-2 with their most recent defeat to the Westfield State Owls on October 13, during Family, Friends and Alumni Weekend, by a score of 32-7. More…

Parking restrictions bring unfair tickets Reply

Jacob Bell & Tom Tighe – 1851 Staff

Lasell is a home away from home for many students. Some come from a local town, and others live a few states away. La­sell sets rules and restrictions for parking so students have designated spots to park. However, they also issue tickets to vehicles that don’t have parking passes. These rules are enforced by Campus Police. More…

New Muse album falls short Reply

Scott LaPier – 1851 Staff

Muse is a band noted for their ex­plosive live shows, powerful sound, and quirky conspiracy-inspired songs. They have made a career out of writing music that sends chills up your spine, can make you feel weightless and leaves you begging for more when the album finishes. How­ever, on their last two releases, they seem to have lost the plot. More…