No Doubt comes out of hiatus with a bang

Natalie Kfoury – Co-editor-in-chief 

The party is back. Eleven years since 2001’s “Rock Steady,” No Doubt, the alter­native rock group helmed under the icon­ic Gwen Stefani, returns with “Push and Shove.” This is an album that brings us back to where No Doubt soared with fun, catchy and obnoxiously enjoy­able songs and rhythms that leave fans with smiles on their faces and newcomers eager to hear more. Continue reading “No Doubt comes out of hiatus with a bang”

Last chance to play

Zach Gray – Sports Editor

College: four years of life where ev­ery opportunity should be taken. It’s where young adults can excel in academ­ics, clubs, organizations, and athletics. At the Division III (D-III) level, it’s also the last chance for a student athlete to shine. Athletes don’t usually become profes­sional after participating in D-III athlet­ics. Athletes become graduates. Graduates become workers. Workers become bosses. Bosses retire. In that stereotypical post-college life, one hopes to continue some form of involvement in athletics. This includes playing in recreational leagues, coaching, or jobs in sports. Regardless of whatever comes after college, nothing compares to the competitive nature of collegiate athletics. Continue reading “Last chance to play”

“Make your voice heard” urges voting

The “Make your voice heard” mural in Wolfe which was designed by the Graphic Design Club. Photo By Kristina Kaufmann

By Michelle BurkeCopy Editor

The “Make Your Voice Heard” campaign is spreading voting awareness through numerous events this month and is asking for student involvement.

The Donahue Institute has paired with Newton Women’s League representative, Sharyn Roberts, to get students to register to vote before the November 6 Presidential Election. Continue reading ““Make your voice heard” urges voting”

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