Lasell College Radio to broadcast athletics Reply

By Max Berkowitz1851 Staff

Lasell College Radio (LCR) and the Athletic Department have combined efforts to begin broadcasting the college’s NCAA Division III events via live commentators and video equipment rented from the IT Department.

With the lead coming from senior Servi Barrientos, who was recently been named as the Sports Director of LCR, the campus can look forward to live broadcasts with entertaining commentators.

Barrientos, Athletic Director Kristy Walter, Sports Information Director Emily Machado and Dr. Brian Wardyga of LCR have worked together over the past couple of months to get the program up and running. On Saturday, January 31, the five student crew made up of Barrientos, senior Steve Brennan, junior Alyssa Adams, and sophomores James Payne and Greg Camillone worked hard to due a run through of what the program is set to look like.

“I went out by myself to recruit students who have my same vision in this project. I want to be able to leave my mark at Lasell after I graduate in May and this is what I want it to be,” Barrientos said.

Years ago, the Athletic Department had a similar program, like the one Barrientos has started, but quickly fell off due to lack of student interest. “As the newest member of Athletics, I have been looking for new ideas on how we can get the Lasell name out there,” said Machado. “With the run-through complete, I think the students have shown great interest in it to guide our department for years to come.”

Expectations set by Barrientos and the LCR crew were high going into the test, when the Lasell men’s basketball took on Emmanuel College. “The overall test was a great success. We went above and beyond our expectations for the run and I for sure took upon three of the best students I could have for this job,” Barrientos said. “I wanted to get people who wanted to have fun and learn about the career at the same time.”

The planning to broadcast began late last semester when Barrientos and Adams began interviewing the basketball coaching staff, Aaron Galletta and Todd Montana, before, during, and after their home contests to get a feel for what was to come.

“We knew right from the start, that this was something everyone was immediately on board with,” said Barrientos.

Ostrow looks forward to future Reply

By Natalie KfouryCo-Editor-in-Chief

In the 15 years Jim Ostrow has been at Lasell, the Vice President of Academic Affairs had a hand in designing and implementing many initiatives that have fueled the college’s growth. At the end of last semester, Ostrow sat down with the staff of The 1851 Chronicle for an informal question and answer period. Topics included the core curriculum, strategic planning initiatives, and future plans for growth and changes. More…

Women’s field hockey takes on new conference Reply

Senior forward Nikita Soares leads the Lasers in scoring with eight goals. (Photo courtesy of Laserpride)

Senior forward Nikita Soares leads the Lasers in scoring with eight goals. (Photo courtesy of Laserpride)

Ryan Macleod – 1851 Staff

The Lasell College Women’s Field Hockey team joined a new conference this year, leaving the North Atlantic Conference (NAC) and joining the Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC).

The change puts the Women’s Field Hockey team in the same conference as the rest of the athletic teams at Lasell. Lasell is one of four teams to join the GNAC from the NAC, the other three being Rivier, St. Joseph’s Maine, and Simmons. Mount Ida is in its first year as a program, Anna Maria joined from the New England Collegiate Conference, and Johnson and Wales was an independent program last year.


Abroad with my team Reply

Brianna Robbins – Sports Editor

This past August, my field hockey team and I spent five days in Bermuda for pre-season. The trip had been discussed since I first stepped foot onto this campus my freshman year. When I first heard about this trip, I thought it was too expensive and there would be too much time spent fundraising before this trip would ever happen. I look back on these past three years I spent at different fundraising events and at the end of the day it was all worth it.


Veggie Galaxy is out of this world Reply

Krista DeJulio – Features Editor

Veggie Galaxy, nestled in the heart of Cambridge surrounded by thrift shops, records stores and other small cafes stands out among the crowd for being a homey, throwback diner serving strictly vegetarian and vegan options. Inside the restaurant is also a bakery that serves 100 percent vegan baked goods.

Like any good diner, breakfast is served all day with tofu and tempeh as replacements for sausage and bacon. The menu offers substitutes of tofu and tempeh for meat dishes in Reuben, melts, BLTs, black bean burgers and mushroom burgers. The bakery located inside offers numer- ous unique cheesecakes, muffins and pies made fresh daily including daily specials.