Campus Sweetheart: Betty Song

Jessica Spillane- 1851 Staff

Betty “Xiaomin” Song, 20, is no stranger to Lasell College. Betty gets herself involved wherever she can and loves to make an impression on people. On campus, Betty is a second year RA in East Hall, works for Blue Key Society and loves to participate in Empty Bowls and Relay for Life. Before studying abroad in Switzerland, last semester, Betty was the international representation in Student Government Association. Betty is a Communications major with a concentration in entertainment media.

Q: Where are you from and how often do you go home?

A: I am from Guangzhou, China. I go home during summer and winter breaks. The flight is 16-17 hours. I came to America for the first time for my senior year of high school which was 2015. I moved in with my host family in East Lyme, Connecticut.

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A Day in the Life of a College Student: Part 2

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By Brianna Robins, Max Berkowitz and Ryan Macleod – Sports Editor and 1851 Staff

We’re back with part two of our two part series: A Day in the Life of a College Student. How accurate is this view compared to your life? Comment below and let us know.

A Day in the Life of a College Student Part 1

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By Levi Flood and James NormileContributing Writers

Is the life of a college student ever really like they say it is in the movies? Follow along in this interactive presentation and see how many references you can make from the images shown and comment below to tell us how many you got right.

*The movie referenced in each picture is identified at the bottom of each slide.*

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