Academic reorganization initiated with best intentions

By Alex Balletto & Leanne Signoriello – Copy Editor & Features Editor

Recently, the college has been ironing out essentials of the new academic structure, not referring to the construction of the complex. Adjustments within the academic division are set to take place in January 2018. Lasell will condense departments into five schools. Earlier this semester, we learned that each school would have an associate dean and program director. The program director is to serve programs needing special licensure, or special expertise or attention.

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Thank you, Mairead

By Alex Balletto – Copy Editor

Chartwells is here. Can you tell? I can, but it’s not because things are different. In my eyes, Valentine is incomplete without the former general manager of Sodexo, Mairead Van Heest. I’m also not sure if the college sent her away properly – the students were never able to say goodbye and thank you.

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Lt. Governor Karyn Polito visits Lasell

By Alex Balletto & Armando Machado Jr. – Copy Editor & 1851 Staff

Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor  (Lt. Gov.) Karyn Polito joined Professor Paul DeBole’s State and Local Government class on campus on October 12.

Polito, whose family owned a construction company as she was growing up, attributes her success as a politician to her family of “hard workers.”  Polito expressed her gratitude towards her parents saying “how lucky and blessed” she is.

lt gov polito 2.jpg
Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito talked to Professor Paul DeBole’s State and Local Government class on October 22. She discussed her experience and role in the government. Photo courtesy of Michelle Gaseau

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News Briefs

By Alex Balletto & Krista Dejulio – Copy Editor & Co-Editor-in-Chief

Shuttle system new routes for safer and easier travels

The shuttle and parking system underwent major changes over summer 2016.

A major change that should be known is that there are two shuttles; one for campus only, and one for parking only.  The shuttles are clearly marked.  Download the app, RideSystems, to check the real-time location of both shuttles.  Both shuttle schedules can also be found on Lasell’s website under “Shuttle & MBTA.” Continue reading “News Briefs”

Students connect with professionals

By Ryan Fitzgerald, Tristan Davis, Alex Balletto – Co-Editor-in-Chief, Features Editor, 1851 Staff

March observed Daylight Savings Time in most of the world, but on the Lasell campus, it was also a month of “days” to save: Hospitality Day (March 2), COM Day (March 8), and Fashion Day (March 22).

Pulitzer-prize winning reporter Michael Rezendes speaks to students in de Witt Hall on COM Day.

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