Third annual Alumni Pride Panel sets record attendance

By Alexandra White & Karisa Gaughan – Opinion Editor & Digital Sports Editor

Erica Desautels (‘09), Samantha Kowalski (G’16), and Dylan Alves (‘21) prepare for the Alumni Pride Panel in Arnow. Photo Courtesy of Juliana DeMuro

The Alumni Pride Panel on April 13 featured LGBTQ alumni Ashlyn Eaton (‘19), Erica Desautels (‘09), Samantha Kowalski (G ‘16), and Dylan Alves (‘21). The panel, hosted by the Student Alumni Association (SAA), and Lasell’s PRIDE club allowed alumni to share their experiences as a member of the LGBTQ community in college and workforce.

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Tiny Desk makes a big comeback

By Alexandra White – Opinion Editor

The Tiny Desk Concerts are coming back to the spring Symposium. The Tiny Desk is based on National Public Radio’s (NPR) Tiny Desk, which features musicians performing for audiences in a small room. Lasell’s Tiny Desk will be online again this year with on-campus musicians performing using NPR’s Tiny Desk Zoom background.

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Sunflower of Peace: Q&A with Iryna Saks

By Abi Brown & Alexandra White – Arts Editor & 1851 Contributor

Sunflower of Peace is a Boston based non-profit organization founded in 2014 with the goal of improving the lives of people in Ukraine. During the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, Sunflower of Peace has been collecting monetary and physical donations that are shipped directly to Ukraine. Sunflower of Peace has raised over four million dollars since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

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Villager connections are crucial

By Alexandra White – 1851 Contributor

Last year I interviewed Charlotte Winslow, a Lasell Village resident with a deep knowledge of education and the community. Before this experience, I didn’t know much about Lasell Village. After attending a few Village events, and learning more about the residents, I wondered, why aren’t Lasell students more involved with the Village? Lasell Village and its residents provide on-campus employment opportunities for students, career advice, and can improve students’ experiences at Lasell. 

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Speed of Change progress and plan for next five years

By Hanna Babek, Alexandra White & Harley Lacardo – 1851 Contributors

Graphic by Felipe Bida

On January 31, President Michael Alexander updated the Lasell community on the Speed of Change plan created in Spring 2021. This plan details what changes the Lasell administration would like to see within the next five years, and the steps they will take to create those changes.

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Health Services holds booster clinic on campus

By Rebecca Osowski & Alexandra White – Features Editor & 1851 Contributor

Students await their booster shots at the clinic in de Witt Hall. Photo courtesy of Rich Arnold

On February 2, Health Services held a COVID-19 Booster Clinic in de Witt Hall for those eligible to receive their booster vaccine. The boosters were distributed by Osco Pharmacy and Shaw’s Supermarket and administered by pharmacists. 

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Where did syllabus week go? 

By Alexandra White – 1851 Contributor  

At the start of every semester, students expect their first week of classes will be syllabus week. Syllabus week is an entire week of school where professors will go over the course’s policies, what to expect, deadlines, etc. However, since the start of the pandemic, I have noticed the majority of my classes start teaching on the first day. In some of my classes, professors haven’t even posted a syllabus on Canvas. 

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