Former Laser Joe Sullivan motivated to succeed

By Taylor Viles – Print Sports Editor

Joe Sullivan (‘20) is a baseball player. His career is a love story made possible through happenstance, luck, and sheer want. Lasers will remember him as a leader on the baseball team for five seasons who was a powerful left-handed hitter and a cannon to second base from behind the plate.

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A Five Year Journey

By Casey DiBari1851 Contributor

Early into my time at Lasell, my mother had me pose in front of the Lasell Village sign right by Arnow Campus Center, holding up a Laser Nation t-shirt we had just bought. It was meant to show everyone not just where I was, but who I was: a Laser, a Lasell girl now. 

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Alum Zac Vierra brings passion to his MLB job

By Cameron Deniso – 1851 Contributor

Zac Vierra with the four World Series trophies for the Boston Red Sox.
Photo courtesy of Zac Vierra

How would you describe someone that’s passionate about something? Can it be defined as sleeping in a tent outside from 1 a.m. to 5 p.m.? What about moving 2,471.6 miles alone to a place you’ve never been before? Zac Vierra has done both these things, all because of his passion for baseball. Vierra slept outside in a tent in 2013 so he could be first in line to get tickets for the World Series. Then, to start his career, he moved to Montana so he could gain experience writing stories and learn the ways of calling a baseball game.

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SoCA alum return for Zoom panel

Katie Peters & Taylor VilesEditor-in-Chief & Sports Editor

Students, faculty, and alumni gather on November 5 for the School of Communications and the Arts (SoCA) Alumni Panel.
Photo by Katie Peters.

On November 5, current students and faculty joined Lasell alumni on Zoom to hear advice on the industry during the inaugural School of Communications and the Arts (SoCA) Alumni Network Zoom Hour.

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