Arabic language program should be offered

By Amanda Bennett – Contributing Writer

Each year Lasell welcomes new students from all around the globe. The college has a total of 146 international students from 36 countries (32 graduate, 114 undergraduate). Out of those students, 70 students are from Saudi Arabia or Arabic speaking countries (six graduate, 64 undergrad). I think it is ridiculous Lasell does not offer any Arabic language courses or have an Arabic program.

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Test optional is the right choice

By Emma Pereira – 1851 Staff

Starting fall 2017, Lasell will adopt a Test Optional Policy.  This means sending in the scores of SAT, ACT, or other standardized tests high school students take each year with an application is not necessary. Personally, this news is refreshing because it eliminates the perception of an individual’s academic ability to be defined by a test.

Illustration by Amanda Bennett

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Dear freshmen, getting involved is key

By Mackenzie Dineen – Co-Arts-Editor


Illustration by Amanda Bennett

The buzz at the Student Activities Fair is overwhelming especially when you’re not sure what clubs to get involved with. Perhaps you’re not sure if you should get involved on campus at all. You’re a college student, with a busy schedule, still trying to navigate. Whether you decided to sign up for no clubs at all, or decided to sign up for nine or 10, this is a decision that will affect your college life.

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Student business a bust?

By Tristan Davis – Features Editor

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 3.45.45 PM

Illustration by Amanda Bennett

Emerson sophomore Jack Worth never had bad intentions. The college student living in Boston was just trying to make a buck, and who could blame him? The city is expensive, and no one ever complained about having too much money. So why was he facing potential eviction from his campus housing last month? The 19-year-old rented out his dorm room on the popular lodging rental site Airbnb, until school officials told him to permanently remove the ad.

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