Smoking will not be banned on campus

By Armando Machado – 1851 Staff

This past spring Lasell students and faculty voted on whether or not Lasell would become a smoke-free campus. The final vote was 50.8 percent voting against the ban and 49.2 percent voting for the ban. The student body however voted 65 percent against the ban. The sponsors for the vote were Student Government Association, The Management Council, and the Faculty Assembly.  Continue reading “Smoking will not be banned on campus”

Students, faculty visit Vietnam over break

By Armando Machado – 1851 Staff

Ten students and three faculty members traveled to Da Nang, Vietnam for 10 days to teach English to young Vietnamese children. Photo courtesy of Raquel Barnes

Over winter break, some of Lasell’s students and faculty embarked on a 10-day Shoulder to Shoulder service trip to Da Nang, Vietnam where they taught English to children at the SOS Children’s Village.

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Larry Spotted Crow Mann visits again

By Armando Machado – 1851 Staff

Larry Spotted Crow Mann spoke to a crowd of about 50 students and faculty in de Witt Hall on November 18. This was his second time visiting Lasell.

Mann has become an internationally acclaimed author after the success of his recent book, “The Mourning Road to Thanksgiving,” published in 2014. The novel’s popularity has taken Mann to places all over the world including Ice- land, Greenland, Canada, and Sweden.

6wjScOCZb2XRfB0HDxkQ_uIJQ2hfKzHzB6DMriLeTtcMann stands with junior Christine Francis after his lecture in de Witt Hall.
Photo by Armando Machado

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