New England’s 2021 Spooky Season Events

By Karissa Gaughan – 1851 Contributor

Six Flag Fright Fest – Friday, September 24 to Sunday, October 31 (1623 Main St., Agawam, Massachusetts)

A New England favorite, Fright Fest is back this year at Six Flags. Walk through the scary zones around the massive theme park while going on rides, seeing haunted attractions, and watching live entertainment and shows. A one-day ticket costs $34.99 or grab a season pass for the rest of 2021 and all of 2022 for as low as $49.99. Once a ticket holder, you can purchase the premium haunted house add-on for $24.99, allowing you access to all five of the haunted houses set up throughout the park. For tickets and more information visit, visit 

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SoWa Market: Explore creativity

By Claire Crittendon and Abi Brown – Co-Editor-in-Chief and Arts Editor

Located in the heart of Boston, at 450 Harrison Avenue, is SoWa Art and Design District, which is home to a variety of vendors, galleries, and life. From farmer’s markets to fashion designers to vintage shops, there is something here for everyone.

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Emma’s Style Corner: How to find your personal style

By Emma Ingenohl – 1851 Contributor

Graphic by Emma Ingenohl

In a world full of social media, mico-trends, influencers, and Shein, fashion and style as we once previously knew them are changing drastically. Trends are coming and going faster than ever before, leading to overconsumption and wastefulness. We’re being conditioned to think we need a different outfit for every occasion or every new Instagram post. An easy way to break out of this cycle is to find your own personal style true to you. Personal style is all about wearing what makes you feel good and most like yourself. It’s a form of self expression, just like all other art forms. Here are some easy ways you can dig deeper into yourself and the world of style to find your personal style:

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Style Corner: The essentials

By Emma Ingenohl – 1851 Contributor

Graphic by Emma Ingenohl

Finally fall fashion is here, and we fashion lovers could not be more excited. Fall is the time for
layering, neutrals, and lots of faux leather. One’s style can be flaunted in the fall by mixing pieces
to create the ultimate outfit. No matter what micro-trends may be in style this fall, there are certain staple pieces that you need in your wardrobe in order to create the perfect fall ‘fit, and lucky for you I will give you all the juicy details on what to buy and where to buy it. You’re welcome!

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