Carlos Arredondo speaks on Boston Marathon bombing Reply


Carlos and Melida Arredondo spoke to the Lasell community on October 2. Arredondo made headlines as “The Cowboy Hero” after he was photographed helping others during the Boston Marathon bombings. (Photo by Leneai Stuart)

Danielle Cutillo – 1851 Staff

On October 2, Boston Marathon bombing hero Carlos Arredondo came to speak to students with his wife Melida Arredondo. They sat in front of a packed Rosen Auditorium at an event sponsored by Lasell College Radio (LCR).

Arredondo began with, “In case you don’t recognize my accent, I’m from Boston.” The audience laughed; his accent was not from Boston. Arredondo came to America as an illegal immigrant in 1980, later becoming an American citizen.

On April 15, 2013, Arredondo made headlines when two bombs went off at the annual Boston Marathon, killing four and injuring 250 people. Although many people fled the scene, Arredondo ran towards the injured to come to their aid. “I didn’t hesitate,” said Arredondo. “I just jumped the barriers and started to help.” More…