Lasell’s library needs to inspire Reply

By Emily Carroll – Contributing Writer

When one imagines a college library, they think of old architecture with books lining the walls and old chairs and tables that store memories of times past. They expect a place where students can hide for hours to work on their studies until their eyes hurt from reading and their hands hurt from typing. Brennan Library is far from this ideal and instead more like a deserted, loud and disorganized eye sore. If most students have to spend the majority of their time here in the library, shouldn’t it be a quiet, sensible and beautiful environment that inspires students to do their best work?


Get out of my room Reply

By Colin Froment – 1851 Staff

Brennan Library is generous enough to offer students private, quiet rooms where they can work on group projects and assignments, therefore it can be irritating to find only one person in each private room. The sign “THIS ROOM IS ONLY ALLOWED FOR MULTIPLE PEOPLE” should be self-explanatory enough, yet it seems like some students don’t acknowledge that rule. Students should be more selfless when it comes to using these rooms and respect the room for what it’s truly meant for.


Library due for a makeover Reply

By Kayli Hertel & Megan Palumbo – Managing Editor & 1851 Staff

The heart of Lasell College: Brennan Library. Whether students need to study quietly, gather resources for assignments, or meet up with study groups, the library is the ideal location. New di- rector, Del Hornbuckle, is collaborating with the campus community to transform the space into a 21st century structure.