Vanderhorst: The ultimate fighter battles beyond the court

By Meghan Carroll- 1851 Staff

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Kevin Vanderhorst pictured in the Athletic Center where he spends countless hours practicing for the upcoming basketball season.
Photo Courtesy of Meghan Carroll.

Junior Kevin Vanderhorst was born July 20, 1997 and raised in the Dominican Republic until 2013, when he came to the U.S. with his mom, dad and little brother. He moved to Lawrence, Mass, where he attended Lawrence’s public school system. His life changed instantly. He didn’t know anyone and having to learn a new language along with the change of weather made adjusting harder. But, his passion to be on the court was always familiar.

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Relay for Life inspires participants to “wish upon a cure”

By Seán McGlone & Megan Palumbo – Editor-in-Chief & Sports Editor

Relay 1
The eighth annual Lasell Relay for Life event was held in the Athletic Center starting at 10 p.m. on April 7. This year’s event has raised over $14,000 for cancer research. Donations are being accepted through August 1. Photo by Megan Palumbo

Lasell hosted its eighth annual Relay for Life event on Saturday, April 7 in the Athletic Center to support survivors, honor victims, and spread awareness of cancer across campus. Twenty-three teams participated at the overnight event, and the Relay for Life student organization has raised a total of $14,176.19 in donations that will go to the American Cancer Society.  Continue reading “Relay for Life inspires participants to “wish upon a cure””

Lasers come together to raise awareness

By James Payne – 1851 Staff

Family, Friends and Alumni Weekend is one of the busiest and most popular weekends on campus and a major slate of games for several sports teams. This year field hockey and both men’s and women’s soccer celebrated Senior Day on October 15. Women’s volleyball hosted a tri-match with Emmanuel College and Framingham State. While honoring the seniors in their final seasons, teams also did their fair share of raising awareness for breast cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Junior forward Haleigh Butler (Center) and teammates honor Coach Vito LaFrancesca’s mother who died of breast cancer by wearing pink during the month of October. Photo by Jackie Colombie

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Women’s lacrosse decides to “Be Bold, Be Bald”

By Tim Kelleher – 1851 Staff

Everyone loves a heartfelt story of a sports team coming together and standing up for something outside of their respective sport. This month, the women’s lacrosse team worked in conjunction with Facing Cancer Together, a Newton-based cancer group, participating in the worldwide event, “Be Bold, Be Bald” that took place on Friday, October 21.

Women’s lacrosse players wore bald caps to raise cancer awareness while working with the “Be Bold, Be Bald” campaign. Photo courtesy of Bridget Delaney.

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