Villager connections are crucial

By Alexandra White – 1851 Contributor

Last year I interviewed Charlotte Winslow, a Lasell Village resident with a deep knowledge of education and the community. Before this experience, I didn’t know much about Lasell Village. After attending a few Village events, and learning more about the residents, I wondered, why aren’t Lasell students more involved with the Village? Lasell Village and its residents provide on-campus employment opportunities for students, career advice, and can improve students’ experiences at Lasell. 

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Charlotte Winslow: Lasell’s liveliest Villager

By Rayana Petrone & Alexandra White – 1851 Contributors

Charlotte enjoying a treat at a reception for artists at Lasell Village. 
Photo courtesy of Charlotte Winslow.

Lasell Village, the living and learning community here on campus for those over the age of 65, is home to an average of 225 residents. Of those residents, one who stands out is Charlotte Lindgren Winslow. 

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