“Logan:” A bittersweet goodbye Reply

By Colin Froment – 1851 Staff 

Since donning the metal claws for the first time in 2000, Hugh Jackman has made the comic book character known as Wolverine one of the most popular superheroes from the “X-Men” film franchise. Jackman has shined as Wolverine on the big screen in nine films over the course of 17 years. After announcing his retirement from the character after one last film, fans have wondered if “Logan” is the best way to say goodbye to one of their favorite mutants. “Logan” details an aging and nearly-powerless Wolverine in a dark future caring for the disease-stricken Professor Xavier (another staple character in the franchise played by Patrick Stewart).   More…

A “Strange” movie hits cinemas Reply

By Colin Froment – 1851 Staff

Whether you love or hate comic books, fans of them were treated when a plethora of their favorite characters were featured in action movies this year. The latest of the superhero film frenzy is Marvel’s fourteenth film, “Doctor Strange.” It tells the tale of a top surgeon who destroys his hands in a car accident and embarks on a journey to heal himself, while learning the hidden arts of magic and mysticism.

Dr. Strang.png

Benedict Cumberbatch (L) stars as Dr. Stephen Strange. Chiwetel Ejiofor (R) stars as Baron Mordo, a sorcerer. Photo Courtesy of IMDb


Community discusses social work, crime Reply

By Armando Machado Jr. and Colin Froment – 1851 Staff

The Lasell Village ballroom was host to a panel discussion entitled, “Mightier Than the Sword: The Promise of Social Work and Police” on October 24.  It was presented by Sarah Abbott, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, and hosted by the RoseMary B. Fuss Center for Research on Aging and Intergenerational Studies. The discussion was held to raise awareness and to prevent police related violence. About 40 people were in attendance, including students, village residents, and faculty.     More…

Lasers take on Washington D.C. Reply

By Colin Froment – 1851 Staff

Five students and two faculty members recently traveled to Washington D.C. for Lasell’s fourth annual Communication trip from October 20 to October 22. The trip gave students the chance to experience different professions in the communication field.


Five communications students were led by professors Erin Vicente and Marie Franklin to Washington D.C. Photo courtesy of Marie Franklin


Students, professors adjust to modular classrooms Reply

By Colin Froment – 1851 Staff


The modular classroom located on Grove Street. The pods will be used until December 2017. Photo by Ryan Fitzgerald

Students and professors on campus are reacting positively to the new modular classrooms that were installed this year. These modular classrooms, located on Grove Street and Maple Terrace, are temporary substitutes for classrooms lost in the Wass/Wolfe renovation project. More…

Get out of my room Reply

By Colin Froment – 1851 Staff

Brennan Library is generous enough to offer students private, quiet rooms where they can work on group projects and assignments, therefore it can be irritating to find only one person in each private room. The sign “THIS ROOM IS ONLY ALLOWED FOR MULTIPLE PEOPLE” should be self-explanatory enough, yet it seems like some students don’t acknowledge that rule. Students should be more selfless when it comes to using these rooms and respect the room for what it’s truly meant for.