Alumni talk life after college Reply

By Morgan VanWickler  Art Director

alumni panel

Student Alumni Association hosted an alumni panel on November 15 featuring (L-R) Katie Rathbun (’16), Gabriella Giangregorio (16′), Kevin Moloney (’14), and Ginelle Gaulin (’10). Photo by Katie Schneider

On November 15, Student Alumni Association hosted an alumni panel for their organization members and the rest of the Lasell community. The panel consisted of four Lasell graduates; Katie Rathbun (‘16), Gabriella Giangregorio (‘16), Kevin Moloney (‘14), and Ginelle Gaulin (‘10) and was moderated by SAA members Rosa DelCarmen and Ali Barlett. More…

Class of 2017 moves in with hopes, ambition, and luggage 1

Photos courtesy of Kait Quinn

Emily M. Kochanek – News Editor

The Class of 2017 moved onto campus on September 6, eager to settle into college life. According to Dean of Admissions James Tweed, the enrollment for the first-years stands at 430 students, slightly less than the record-setting 558 students last year.

Dip in enrollment is normal, said Tweed, “It’s not an exact science.” Lasell has kept the numbers of enrolled students consistent to ensure class size and ability to use connected learning within small classrooms. “We’re looking at no fluctuations,” Tweed said. He also added that the institution is healthy and growing at a steady pace. More…

Better with age Reply

Natalile Kfoury – Co-Editor-in-Chief

Something felt different when I stepped onto the Lasell campus this year. I wasn’t expecting to feel any different, as I am in my third year, everything feels comfortable, and nothing feels final as would be expected in one’s senior year. However, I felt different looking around at the familiar buildings, faces, and roads. The best way I can put it is that Lasell gets better and better to come back to each year.

This isn’t to say that Lasell was awful to come back to last year and the excitement of moving in was subpar my freshman year. And I don’t think that it is just because this past summer seemed really long and I was more than thrilled to be back here. Rather that I have come to understand that the people here work hard throughout the summer to make Lasell all the more inviting in the fall.  More…