Return from abroad equals culture shock

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

Before coming home from abroad, I was told about the inevitable culture shock I’d experience being back in a familiar setting. I didn’t expect life to stand still, but I wasn’t thinking I would come back to so much change. After I said my goodbyes, flew back from South Africa, and endured more than 18 hours of flying and driving, I was home at last.   Continue reading “Return from abroad equals culture shock”

Karandon House hippies

By J.R. CostelloContributing Writer

In a happy old house up on a hill, live 21 20-something year olds. With a grand porch where the music plays and the laughter ensues, there is never a dull moment in the community that settled on one warm and excitable September afternoon. A white house, green shutters, and a staircase to the hippie heaven invites all that bring happiness, peace and respect.

Continue reading “Karandon House hippies”

The sophomore slump

By Alex Balletto – Copy Editor 

Recently, I’ve found myself talking to my sophomore friends about the notorious “sophomore slump.” It seems many of us are experiencing this jinx.  I looked online to learn more about what the actual definition is, and it seems to be any second-time situation where expectations are not being met compared to the first, or when first-time successes have reduced efforts in the second attempt.  It has a weird relation to the blues, where there is an unexplained shift in one’s attitude.  Continue reading “The sophomore slump”

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