Donor recognizes commuters, donates for Senior Week Reply

By Nicole Taylor – 1851 Staff

On Friday, February 3, eight randomly selected commuters received an email from Rebecca DeLuca in the Alumni Relations Office about the Senior Week Lottery gift. An anonymous family of a student from the class of 2016 donated eight awards ranging from $75 to $225 to help selected commuters commemorate their time at Lasell.  More…

Commuters struggle through the snow Reply


Illustration by Amanda Bennett.


By Haleigh Santilli1851 Staff

These past few weeks have been a constant headache for Massachusetts residents, especially T-riders. The relentless snowfall and the aging train system do not mix well together.

On a good day, my morning starts at 6:00 a.m. I get up, make myself look presentable, then head off to the train station with my backpack in tow. In order to get to and from school, I have to take two trains and sometimes a bus. Occasionally, I’ll get lucky and take a train right as I reach the platform, other times I will have to wait at the platform for another 15 to 20 minutes. More…