Fall magazines highlight diversity Reply

Emily Long1851 Staff 

Fashion magazines  featuring  people of color in the  Lasell  library. Photo by Emily Long

Whoever  is  chosen  for  the  cover  of a magazine is  a  widely  publicized  decision.  Historically,  there  has  been  limited  diversity  featured  in  fashion.  This  year,  women  of  color  were  highly  represented  in  the  September  issue.  Beyonce  was  posed  on  the  cover  of  “Vogue,”  Rihanna  on  “British  Vogue,”  as  well  as  Tiffany  Haddish  on  “Glamour”  and  Zendaya  on  “Marie  Claire.”


Discussion on diversity continues Reply

By Megan Palumbo – Sports Editor

For a Wednesday night, Arnow Campus Center was packed with people. Since the spring of 2014, Lasell students have been actively meeting to discuss racial differences at the micro and macro levels of society, and, most importantly, at Lasell. Students of all different backgrounds attended this year’s first meeting on September 14.  More…