Transferring to Lasell

By Abi Brown – Arts Editor

My journey getting to Lasell was a relatively long and very emotional one. Like many other transfer students, the fear of “am I making the right decision?” lingered. I was unsure if the safety of a big state school as a business major would be worth it if I was unable to do what I truly find interesting, which is fashion. In the end, transferring to Lasell was the best thing I could have done for myself.

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Editor’s Corner: Text me when you get home

By Claire CrittendonCo-Editor-in-Chief

(L-R) Seniors Aster Kallman, Claire Crittendon and Nick Brown. Photo courtesy of Claire Crittendon

My college application essay was on the importance of what I called at the time, my found family. My friends, mentors, partners – people I knew would meet me with the perfect balance of patience, support, accountability, and love.

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Editor’s Corner: Pride and Prejudice

By Bailey Klingaman – Digital Editor

Photo courtesy of Bailey Klingaman

I used to be ashamed of my Korean middle name, Meejin. In middle and high school, I would ask for my middle name not to be announced at award ceremonies and graduations. Throughout my life, I have promised myself that one day I would officially change my middle name. I’m happy to break that promise today. 

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