Lasell hosts “Migrating Colors” gallery

By Emily Kochanek – News Editor 

Until April 18, the Wedeman Gallery in Yamawaki will be hosting “Migrating Colors,” an exhibit featuring Haitian artists from the city of Jacmel. The show, in partnership with the Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts (HAAM), displays an amalgam of works from the artists, depicting their life before the devastating earthquake in 2010. Continue reading “Lasell hosts “Migrating Colors” gallery”

Shaheens endorse women in public life

By Emily Kochanek – News Editor

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Lasell and the Donahue Institute hosted Stefany Shaheen and her two daughters Elle and Annah.  Shaheen, known for her mother, New Hampshire US Senator Jeanne Shaheen who recently won reelection against former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, visited to share her own accomplishments and present reasons why women should be politically active. Shaheen has recently won a seat on Portsmouth’s city council and has previously held the position as chair for the New Hampshire Commission on the Status of Women.

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Charlie Hebdo featured in panel

By Emily KochanekNews Editor

Tessa La Roux, Director of the Donahue Institute for Values and Public Life and Professor of Sociology, held a panel discussion this month about the social and political ramifications concerning the January 7 bombing of the satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, located in Paris. The panel included history professors Joe Aieta and Denny Frey, communication professor Dana Janbek, and Director of the Center for Spiritual Life Reverend Tom Sullivan. Continue reading “Charlie Hebdo featured in panel”

News briefs

By Ryan Fitzgerald, Emily Kochanek, Ryan Macleod – 1851 Staff

Tanner makes it personal

Students crowded deWitt earlier this month to listen to Adam Tanner, fellow of Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, discuss how personal data can be spread across the Internet quickly and how businesses use this data to their advantage.

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News briefs

By Ryan Fitzgerald, Sarah Torrey, Krista DeJulio, and Emily Kochanek

Group discusses poverty

Sophomore and Keever RA Hayley Kreckler led a discussion this month about the problems of poverty in the Boston area. The event titled, “Food for Thought: The War on Poverty,” was in conjunction with the Donahue Institute’s Panel Discussion, “The War on Poverty: Where are we 50 years later?”

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Students lobby for Congo at State House

By Emily Kochanek – News Editor

Psychology Professor Jesse Tauriac brought a group of 16 Lasell students to the Massachusetts State House to lobby with the group Boston for Congo in October. The bill the students were lobbying for was House Bill H. 2898, an act relative to Congo Conflict Minerals, which would require businesses in the state of Massachusetts to reveal the origins of minerals used in products.

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News briefs

Emily Kochanek, Morgan Austin, Lara Garrett, and Talia Leblanc – 1851 Staff

Uganda trip canceled

After months of debate within the community, President Michael Alexander announced on October 16 that the service trip to Uganda will be cancelled for this year due to the country’s anti-gay legislation and its implications to human rights as well as terrorist activity and the possible spreading of Ebola.

In a letter to the community, Alexander wrote, “I hope we can go forward confident in the knowledge that we can engage in open discourse on challenging topics while exhibiting respect, and even kindness, to those whose opinions differ from our own.”

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