Bath steps up as interim Dean of School of Fashion

By Abi BrownArts Editor

New interim Dean of The School of Fashion, Richard Bath, rejoins the community after a two-plus year hiatus. Photo courtesy of Richard Bath

The School of Fashion is experiencing some new changes with the news of Dean Potter’s resignation. While she will be missed by students and faculty, Lasell is welcoming back Richard Bath.

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Staff and faculty members say goodbye

By LJ VP LaFiura & Cam Deniso1851 Contributors

Jenny Granger Sullivan, who used to be the beloved Director of Student Activities. Photo courtesy of Jenny Granger Sullivan

This campus has seen many changes over the years, including to its staff, professors and administrators. This semester has seen the farewell of several prominent staff and faculty members, including Kathleen Potter, Kent Cherrington, Erin Vicente, Jenny Granger Sullivan, Sarah Abbott, and Ester Pearson.

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University provost, deans retire

L-R: Associate Provost Jim Ostrow, Dean Helena Santos and Vice President Steve Bloom prepare to make their exit in the next few months. Photos by Madison Raffone & Casey DiBari.

By Casey Dibari & Madison Raffone– Opinion Editor & Copy Editor

By the end of this academic year, the university will be going through another major change. Starting in March, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Academic Success Helena Santos will retire after 14 years. Provost Jim Ostrow and Associate Vice President Steven Bloom will also retire later this year. Both Associate Vice President Bloom and Provost Ostrow have been at Lasell for 20 years.

School of Fashion Welcomes Professor Kathleen Potter

By Raegan Cleary – 1851 contributor

When Mount Ida College closed its door, it wasn’t just the students that transferred to Lasell; Associate Professor Kathleen Potter came here as well. Potter, the former Fashion Industries Department Chair, had been working at Mount Ida for six years when the college announced it would be closing after its spring 2018 semester. After receiving offers from multiple fashion schools, Potter chose to continue her career here at Lasell.

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