Safety escorts help students feel safe on campus

By Hanna Babek and Alexandra White – 1851 Contributors

For years, campus safety escorts have been available for students who feel uncomfortable while walking on or around campus. If a student feels unsafe, they can call Campus Police and ask to be driven to their destination as long as it is near campus. Campus Police will ask the student about the situation, and then pick them up at their location. 

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Thanksgiving gratitude is back on campus

By Izzy Woods & Bailey Klingaman1851 Contributor & Digital Editor

Filmed by Izzy Woods & Bailey Klingaman, Edited by Bailey Klingaman

This holiday season, there is a lot to be thankful for: seeing family, friends, and traditions being able to resume in a safe manner since COVID-19. Through numerous events on campus and interviews with the community, it is clear the university is full of gratitude.

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Registration advice from students, staff and faculty

By Alexandra White -1851 Contributor

Registration for the spring, winter, and summer semesters started on November 12 with seniors and continued through November 18 with first-year students, officially ending after open days for registration on November 21. Like previous years, registration started at 7 a.m. with students racing to register for their classes before they filled up. 

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Want to start investing, but don’t know what to know?

By Kait Bedell – News Editor

The stock market is open 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Photo by Kait Bedell

For many college students entering the real world soon, it is their first time investing. Between learning how to study the stock market and wisely investing money, there are key things that new investors should know. 

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The Importance of Transgender Remembrance Day

By Holly Feola & Hanna BabekOpinion Editor & 1851 Contributor

A butterfly with the transgender community pride colors hangs in Valentine Dining Hall to commemorate victims of transphobic hate and violence. Photo by Rebecca Osowski

In honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20, the Donahue Institute held two prerecorded Zoom presentations featuring Schuyler Bailar. Bailar is a graduate of Harvard University and the first transgender athlete to play on an NCAA Division I men’s team. The presentations were held on November 16 and 23 and were organized by the Coordinator of Intercultural Engagement and Commuter Life at the Donahue Institute alum Alanis Perez-Rivera (‘21).

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Mold found in suites frustrates students

By Josh Wolmer & Samantha Vega-Torres1851 Contributors

Students were disappointed to find mold in their dorms on campus, and frustrated by what they claim to be the university’s delayed response to their health concerns and living conditions. The mold is primarily isolated to the suite-style buildings: Forest, Bragdon, and Butterworth. Concerns of mold were first brought up in September, according to a written account by junior graphic design major Sabrina Leblanc, with action not being taken until November.

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RIZE to your fullest potential

By Rebecca Osowski and Ashley Gochinski – Features Editor and 1851 Contributor

A RIZE Student Ambassador displaying promotional material. Photo courtesy of RIZE

RIZE is an organization working to provide students with access to majors their college may not offer. RIZE consists of partnership colleges and universities around the United States that have access to their plug-in module courses. These courses take an ordinary major and turn it into specific course content that is applicable to an individual field.

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