Annual dance showcase passes on the torch Reply

By Tina NalepaArts Editor

The Lasell College Pulse Dance Team hosted their annual dance showcase on April 26 in de Witt. The showcase included performances from the Lasell College Dance Team (LCDT), the Lasell College Cheer Team, the Divine Step Team, Step-By-Step Dance Studio, The Spartones, The Becker College Dance Program, Moise “CRAVE” Michel, a vocal performance by Danielle Cutillo and many more.


Spring Fest kicks off with Bubble Soccer Reply

By Levi FloodContributing Writer

Barreling across the gym, I couldn’t help but smile. The smile changed to giddy laughter as I leapt from my feet to spear my opponent. The collision left my world spinning. One second upside-down, the next sideways, then upside-down again. Through it all, my laughter never stopped. More…

Lasers stand against sexual and domestic violence Reply

By Kayli HertelManaging Editor

Most people recognize pink awareness ribbons as support for breast cancer, yellow as support for the troops and purple as support for domestic violence. But over the past week students across campus have been sporting white bracelets and ribbons. What do these white ribbons mean and what do they support? More…

Undecided majors create their own 1

Junior Alexa Fransco created her own major of Green Business.  (Photo courtesy of Alexa Frasco)

Junior Alexa Fransco created her own
major of Green Business. (Photo courtesy of Alexa Frasco)

Tina Nalepa – 1851 Staff

Eight years ago, Lasell created a program where incoming undecided students had the opportunity to create their own majors. These students did this by selecting humanity courses to see what students enjoyed studying and created a major out of the courses offered.

This changed when a student Samantha Dulac, Class of 2005, was not fully satisfied with her fashion classes, but she still enjoyed fashion and wanted to incorporate journalism into her degree. After combining classes and working with professors of both departments, Dulac graduated Lasell with a degree in Fashion Communication which is now an offered major. More…