The First Two Weeks

By Owen Kwet1851 Contributor

Here at Lasell I have certainly connect with a handful of people. Mostly my roommate. I have anxiety so I tend to be by myself, but exploring a new environment is okay. I’m experiencing something I thought I’d never be able to do. And it feels nice. I love the food, especially the junk food. It feels like I’ve been here longer than I should be. Of course, I miss my mom and my dog Fatty. My dad too. And my brother Noah as well.

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My First Impressions of Lasell

By Ryan Stone1851 Contributor

A photo taken of Ryan Stone and his younger brother Sean during Stone’s senior pictures. Photo courtesy of Ryan Stone

My first impressions of Lasell were very positive. I came to campus September 5, and from the second I got here, I saw a smile on almost every student, and even the staff, although they were only smiling with their eyes due to their masks. I stood in line, waiting to check in, just knowing this upcoming semester was going to be great.

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New Beginnings

By Lillian Pelland – 1851 Contributor

Pelland posing in front of the Lasell sign after making the decision to attend Lasell. Photo courtesy of Lillian Pelland

As I entered Hamel House to begin my college tour, a feeling of relief washed over me. I was immediately welcomed by each of the admissions counselors. Unlike all my prior college tours, I felt like the people at Lasell were actually eager to get to know me and assist me in any way possible. I knew before I got to see the rest of the campus that Lasell was the place for me.

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Coming to Lasell

By Jahiris Velez-Polo1851 Contributor

Jahiris Velez Polo standing in front of her father’s car before attending Lasell. Photo courtesy of Jahiris Velez-Polo

I’ve never felt so overwhelmed before in my whole life until I came to Lasell. I know I’ve only been here for two weeks, but I have done so much homework that I literally don’t have time for myself and even short amount of time to sleep. I’ve done essay after essay since I came here, and I know I must work hard to succeed but it’s funny how I used to complain about homework in High School and now in college, the amount of homework is double. But on the other hand I feel so lucky I am here, and I am being able to study and prepare for my future to make myself and my parents proud of me.

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