The scoop on Lasell University Reply

By Connor Parker1851 Contributor

Connor Parker in Rutland Vermont Main Street Park.
Photo by Amanda McGuire.

My first impression of Lasell was when I was first on campus at the end of my junior year of high school. Much like everyone else, I was on a tour and the guides talked about the community here and all the super kind people on campus. They also talked about the school as if it was just an amazing community to be a part of.


The Beginning of A Journey Reply

By Abigail Meier1851 Contributor

Abigail Meier smilies fondly at the camera. Photo by Sissy Meier.

As I drove up to campus on the first day of classes, I saw a Lasell banner hanging on the street pole as I pulled into the commuter parking lot. I remember being nervous and anxious about being a commuter student and not knowing anyone as I didn’t live there and move in with all the freshmen. I remember walking out of my car over preparing for the Writing Class. I needed to have my app pulled up on my phone to show the green “cleared” sign before even walking into the building. I was constantly thinking about what I am going to say, how to introduce myself. 


It’s quiet, just how like it Reply

By Franklin Torres1851 Contributor

Franklin Torres peeks out his dorm at two a.m. Photo by Olivia Foster.

My first impression of Lasell was that it seemed calm and quiet. Now most people may dislike this and find it as a downside for college since they are probably looking for  somewhere that they can party and be loud and rambunctious, but for me this was perfect. 


Get to know the new Dean of Lasell School of Fashion 2

By Savannah Nolan1851 Contributor

Q&A Series with Dean Potter Part 1:

Dean Potter smiles via zoom.
Photo by Savannah Nolan.

Lasell University’s professor, Kathleen Potter recently got promoted to become the new Dean of Lasell School of Fashion. In this series, get to know Dean Potter as she discusses her goals as the new dean and reflects on her own college experience. 


Men’s Volleyball team get’s hot and heavy Reply

The theme of sports is presented in this photo gallery, which was done for Professor Marie Franklin’s First Years Seminar class. Freshmen, Cierra Lacaillade and Cyairra Lowe snapped photos of the men’s volleyball team in action to present for Laser viewers.

Photos were taken by Cierra Lacaillade & Cyairra Lowe